"Cancel Sienna Mae ": TikToker faces severe backlash after being accused of sexually assaulting Jack Wright

Sienna Mae has been accused of allegedly assaulting Jack Wright
Sienna Mae has been accused of allegedly assaulting Jack Wright

TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez is facing severe backlash online after being accused of allegedly assaulting her boyfriend Jack Wright and telling him to go kill himself.

A member of the TikTok stable, The Hype House, Sienna gained immense popularity online with her posts on "body positivity" garnering a significant amount of traction online.

Her relationship with fellow TikToker Jack Wright further helped her become the cynosure of all eyes, with fans avidly "shipping" the duo.

But, of late, the internet has been rife with speculation regarding their relationship status, with rumors of them possibly calling it quits running rampant.

With that in mind, the social media influencer and TikTok sensation recently left scores of Twitter users aghast after one of Jack Wright's close friends Mason Rizzo revealed shocking details regarding what happened between the two.

In a revelatory tweet, Mason alleged that Sienna Mae had not only allegedly told Jack to kill himself, but had also sexually assaulted him numerous times despite him establishing certain boundaries.

He also claimed that she had a history of verbally abusing people in high school and that she priorotized her personal growth more than anything else.

In light of this disturbing set of allegations, scores of Twitter users took to the platform to issue a unanimous cry of protest and demand her immediate cancelation.

What did Sienna Mae do? James Wright and Mason Rizzo receive support as TikToker faces cancelation

Mason's shocking tweet was retweeted by Jack's brother, James, who backed up his friend's claims with the following message:

In the aftermath of these allegations surfacing online, a large section of the online community began to dig up her past history of problematic behavior, especially concerning her controversial line of merchandise which was slammed for glorifying eating disorders.

They also called her out over her hypocritical approach towards spreading body positivity, which many felt ended up grossly missing the mark:

They were soon joined by a majority of the internet who slammed Sienna Mae over her behavior towards Jack Wright and urged fans to hold her accountable over her actions:

Others also expressed caution over her impending apology, which they believed would adhere to a certain script:

With dissent reaching incendiary levels online, further clarity on the situation is awaited.

Moreover, it now remains to be seen what Sienna Mae has to say in response and if it will be enough to placate the simmering discontent among scores of livid fans or not.

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