Cardi B whip cream flavors explored: Where to buy, price and all about the rapper's vodka-infused 'Whipshots'

Whipshots and Cardi B in the promo (Image via iamcardib/ Instagram)
Whipshots and Cardi B in the promo (Image via iamcardib/ Instagram)

Last week, Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B launched her vodka spiked whipped cream line in partnership with Starco Brands Inc. The 29-year-old rapper’s sweet and intoxicating product, called Whipshots. is also vegan.

On December 1, Cardi B took to her Instagram to announce her new vodka-infused whipped cream. She also released a promotional video featuring herself, showcasing the whipshots. In the caption, the singer wrote:

“My @whip_shots are finally here!! Today at 12pm est at get yours first….. we doing new releases every day this month. You never had whipped cream like this before.”

Furthermore, Cardi B also stated previously,

“whipshotss is over the top, s*xy and unique – kind of like me. It’s going to be a party in every can. No matter where you are, you can party like Cardi, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share this one-of-a-kind product with all of you.”

How much do the different flavors of Cardi B’s Whipshots cost?

Cardi B’s whipshots are available in Caramel, Vanilla, and Mocha flavors, in cans of three different sizes. These sizes cost : $5.99 for 50 ml, $13.99 for 200 ml and $19.99 for 375 ml. Each can of whipshots is claimed to contain only 10% of alcoholic content, which is the same for all sizes.

Alcoholic whipped cream also boasts of having natural flavors and not having the need to be refrigerated. Furthermore, being vegan, whipshots are also dairy-free.

Buying details

Vodka-infused Whipshots (Image via Whipshots)
Vodka-infused Whipshots (Image via Whipshots)

As of now, Cardi B’s whipshots are available via the official website,, which defines each flavor of the product as “infused with ultra-premium distilled vodka.” The website also reportedly requires age verification of 21 and over, the legal age for drinking in several places.

While the product will be available indefinitely, there is a limit of 500 whipped cream inventory sales per day. However, the Whipshots will also be available in stores nationwide starting in 2022.

Whipshots’ website also offers a few recipes of six cocktails, including Fire Island, Mocha Money Moves, Naughty or Nice, Caramel Queen Dessert, and The Resolution.

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