Why did Drake withdraw his Grammy 2022 nominations? Fans speculate as four-time winner removes himself from competition

Drake has removed his name from this year's Grammy Award nominations (Image by Amy Sussman via Getty Images)
Drake has removed his name from this year's Grammy Award nominations (Image by Amy Sussman via Getty Images)

Drake’s music won’t be there on the list for this year's Grammys. The popular artist and his management recently withdrew his Grammy Award nominations for Certified Lover Boy for best rap album and Way 2 Sexy for best rap performance.

Now, excluding Drake’s nomination, the four nominations included for best rap performance are Baby Keem and Kenrick Lamar, Cardi B, J. Cole, 21 Savage, and Morray and Megan Thee Stallion.

This is the major reason Drake removed his grammy nominations ! Artist of the decade for a reason🐐

Meanwhile, nominations for best rap album include The Off Season by J. Cole, King’s Disease II by Nas, Call Me If You Get Lost by the Creator, and Donda by Kanye West.

Reasons behind Drake withdrawing from Grammy nominations

The rapper removed his name from the Grammy nominations after slamming the Grammys a year ago for not including The Weeknd in their nominations since his album After Hours and single Blinding Lights received a positive response from the public.

The Breakaway star mentioned at the time that they should stop allowing themselves to be shocked every year by the disconnect between impactful music and the awards and accept that the thing that was initially the highest form of recognition would soon no longer matter to the artists.

Drake speaks onstage during Drake's Till Death Do Us Part rap battle (Image by Amy Sussman via Getty Images)
Drake speaks onstage during Drake's Till Death Do Us Part rap battle (Image by Amy Sussman via Getty Images)

He wrote on his Instagram story that it is like a relative people expect to fix up but they never change their ways. He added that the current situation is the best time to start something new they can build over time and pass on to future generations.

While Drake received the award for best rap song in 2019, he also criticized the Grammys on stage, saying it was the first time in Grammys history where he was who he thought he was.

The Carter Affect star conveyed a message to everyone who was watching him and planning to build a career in the music industry. He said that they play an opinion-based sport and it is not like NBA where someone holds the trophy for making the right decisions or winning the games.


The 35-year-old added that an individual wins when he has people singing his songs word for word and is a hero in his hometown.

Twitter users reacted to the news of Drake's decision

News of Drake removing his name from the Grammy nominations is currently trending online and has received a mixed reaction from the public.

Since Drake has withdrawn his Grammy Nominations that means that there is an open spot I think they should replace CLB with WLR to get Playboi Carti his first Grammy nominations and I think it easily deserves to win RT If you agree imo
Now Drake I know you didn’t withdraw your Grammy nomination because you slept with Kylie Jenner
Drake has withdrawn from his Grammy nomination,something your man has been on his way to for the past 7+ years. 😭😭
Drake has withdrawn his 2022 Grammy nominations. And that award show think they are so important. I can’t wait for the day bts will give them the 🖕 too
Nah imagine working on this album & getting the nomination & you got excited and posted the Grammy nom on your Instagram and told your family & then Drake pulled it 😭😭😭 you tweeted “we up!!” And have to delete it now…
You know The Grammy’s ain’t shit if Drake pulls out of the nomination he’s in!
Grammys fell off how tf does this song get a Grammy nomination? It’s favouritism no the people who deserves it. @Drake 🐐
Drake withdrew his Grammy nominations to clear the way for DONDA to sweep. Damn, the beef is really over.
@_AveryEnvy @Variety I highly doubt this. “I want my boy to win… so I’m gonna give him a fake win bc I know I would win if I don’t withdraw.” That’s whack.Drake has been critical of the Grammy’s and is prob doing this as a power move to show he doesn’t care about another win.From Feb 2019:

According to Variety, the Toronto, Ontario native previously refused to submit his album, More Life, in 2017 after JAY-Z did not win any awards and was nominated for eight. The Sophie star has won four Grammys in the past.

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