Carole Baskin's TikTok song about killing missing husband goes viral 

Carole Baskin's latest TikTok video goes viral (Image via Netflix)
Carole Baskin's latest TikTok video goes viral (Image via Netflix)
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The Tiger King star Carole Baskin has returned to social media. The Big Cat Rescue CEO appeared alongside two women in a clip where they danced to Brooklyn Charles’ Save: Tiger King Edition track.

The video has already amassed over three million views and continues to go viral. The lyrics to the popular song claim that the 60-year-old killed her missing husband, Don Lewis, which she has vehemently denied in the past.

This time was no different. Baskin mouthed, “No, I didn’t” when the lyrics “Carole Baskin/killed her husband/whacked him” was heard.

Carole Baskin just out here bragging about killing her husband smh

Baskin has become a prominent internet figure since appearing in the popular Netflix series Tiger King. The documentary was a big hit in 2020 when people were locked in their homes during the early days of the pandemic. Baskin played the famous role of being zookeeper Joe Exotic’s sworn enemy.

Rumors of Baskin killing her husband came into being after Exotic claimed that the former killed Lewis by feeding him to tigers.

What happened to Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis?

Carole Baskin’s former millionaire husband, Don Lewis, reportedly went missing on August 19, 1997. The couple was then living in Tampa, Florida. Prior to him marrying Baskin, he was married to Gladys Lewis, who claimed that he had a 10- year-long affair with Baskin. In 1990, he left his wife for Baskin.

Carole Baskin and Don Lewis founded an animal sanctuary called Wildlife on Easy Street in 1991. They famously raised exotic animals, which included tigers.

Carole Baskin and Don Lewis (Image via Zuma Press)
Carole Baskin and Don Lewis (Image via Zuma Press)

Over the course of their marriage, the two fell into arguments about what to do with their animals. Lewis hoped to breed and sell them, which Baskin was strongly against.

In the summer of 1997, Lewis went missing. Baskin recounted the day her husband went missing in the doc-series. She said that she attempted to reach her husband’s phone after her car overheated at a store. However, she failed to reach him and walked six miles back home. The next morning, on August 18, was the last time she saw her husband as he was preparing for a business trip.

Investigators found his car near a remote airport just half an hour away from the couple’s residence. His car keys remained in the vehicle, but he was nowhere to be seen.


However, in 2021 Baskin revealed that her husband was alive in Costa Rica. In an interview on This Morning, she said that in Tiger King 2, they managed to produce letters from Homeland Security stating that Lewis was “alive and well in Costa Rica.”

Though the second season of the show claimed that he was still alive, netizens continue to be skeptical of the report.

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