Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Season 3 Episode 4: How did Nikki Glaser miss winning $1 million?

Nikki Glaser from Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (Image via Twitter/@WheelofFortune)
Nikki Glaser from Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (Image via Twitter/@WheelofFortune)

ABC's Celebrity Wheel of Fortune returned for an all-new episode on Sunday night, September 9, with three new celebrities vying to win money for a charity of their choice. This week, Nikki Glaser came very close to winning $1 million.

Season 3, episode 4 of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune featured Nikki Glaser, Tig Notaro and Thomas Lennon trying their hand at bagging the most amount of money for their charity. Nikki played for the Ocean Conservancy charity, Tig played for the World Resources Institute charity and Thomas played for the Dogs Without Borders charity.

Nikki came close to winning $1 million during the bonus round this week. Although she solved the puzzle, she only won $100,000. It was a near miss, but the reality TV star was able to win quite a huge amount for the Ocean Conservancy.

Read on to learn more about how Nikki Glaser missed winning $1 million on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

How Nikki Glaser came close to winning $1 million for her charity on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

Nikki was on a run from start to finish during the first half of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. She solved some of the toughest puzzles and raised around $49,000 for her charity, which was the highest compared to the other two celebrities on the show. This gave her the upper hand and got her into the bonus round.

Under the three categories available, Nikki chose Show Biz and decided to solve the puzzle. Prior to that, the comedian had to spin the wheel that would decide if she would win $1 million or less. The pointer landed on the letter I, but the amount wasn't revealed until she solved the entire puzzle.

The Million Dollar Wedge nervesβ€¦πŸ’°πŸ˜… #CelebrityWheelOfFortune @NikkiGlaser

Although she was given a headstart with a few letters on the board, Nikki was able to choose three more consonants and one more vowel to help her figure out the puzzle. She chose C, G and D. For her pick of vowels, she chose A.

Nikki had to complete the puzzle with only 10 seconds left on the clock, and was able to solve it towards the end. The solved puzzle was Hilarious Monologue. After her win, host Pat Sajak revealed that the amount beneath the letter she won was $100,000 and she missed the $1 million by a tiny slip. The million dollars turned out to be just a few letters away, under the letter N.

Although Nikki didn't win the $1 million, the reality TV star was glad that she won $100,000 for her charity during the bonus round, which brought her total up to $149,100.

Here's more on what happened this week on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune:

Comedians βœ… Charities βœ… Competition βœ…@MaggieSajak sees what @NikkiGlaser, @TigNotaro and @thomaslennon have to say before tonight's #CelebrityWheelOfFortune.WARNING: Laughter ahead.

Apart from the bonus round, Nikki also came close to winning a million dollars while spinning the wheel, but sadly the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune star missed the mark when she guessed the wrong alphabet and missed her turn.

During the second half of the famed reality TV show, Nikki and Tig didn't win much for their charity but Thomas Lennon was able to win over $50,000 and found himself taking part in the second bonus round.

The famed actor ended up solving the puzzle, but just like Nikki, missed the $1 million. He won $100,000 for his charity, bringing his total to around $150,000.

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