Charlie Puth defends Addison Rae and slams paparazzi after they harass her over the Bryce Hall cheating scandal 

Image via Charlie Puth, Twitter
Image via Charlie Puth, Twitter
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Charlie Puth took to Twitter to defend Addison Rae and scold the paparazzi after they harassed the 20-year-old TikToker. After the paparazzi appeared to bring Addison Rae close to tears, he felt he needed to speak on the subject.

Drama began in the TikTok world when rumors came out that Bryce Hall had cheated on Addison Rae when he was in Las Vegas.

Starting in March with the allegations, Bryce Hall denied any accusations of cheating. Meanwhile, Addison Rae has stayed silent on much of the matter.

Even when the paparazzi began to pester her for details about the situation, she stayed quiet. Addison Rae even appeared to be on the verge of tears as she walked back to her car.

After a clip of the paparazzi upsetting Addison Rae began to trend online, Charlie Puth added his take on the situation. He took to Twitter to tell the paparazzi that they should reconsider the way that they pester people who are clearly upset.

"Hey, I understand being a paparazzi is a business, and there’s no issue there when you are providing for your family etc.... but must we tear down and harass people when they’re in plain sight CLEARLY VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for content? Get more creative; it’s really sad at this point."

Charlie Puth is obviously no stranger to paparazzi and can sympathize with stars like Addison Rae, who are constantly in the media.

In a tweet after the initial post, Charlie Puth said he simply wants everyone to be "nice and cordial."

The potential cheating drama between Bryce Hall and Addison Rae

All the drama began just a few days ago when Bryce Hall was accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Addison Rae, while he was on a trip to Las Vegas. A leaked image of a text exchange between a girl named Dana and her friend sparked the initial rumors.

According to the rumors, Bryce Hall cheated on Addison Rae with an adult actress named Dana Wolf. Dana's text exchange with her friend implied that the two saw each other at least twice. Once the texts were released, fans on Twitter were split between accusing and defending Bryce Hall.

On Twitter, Bryce simply stated that he didn't cheat at all. There technically is no way to prove if the texts are real, and the situation is still up in the air. However, Addison herself seems to be somewhat upset with what's going on. Eventually, more information will come out on the TikTok couple.

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