"Chipotle is trash": Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas slam fast food chain for sponsoring alleged "sexual predator" James Charles

Image via James Charles/ Twitter
Image via James Charles/ Twitter
Modified 11 Mar 2021

Frenemies podcast duo Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas recently launched a scathing attack upon fast food chain Chipotle for sponsoring beauty guru James Charles.

The 21-year old celebrity influencer seems to be treading on thin ice, in the aftermath of multiple victims accusing him of allegedly grooming them.

While he denied these accusations in an official statement, the internet did not seem too convinced as they continued to call him out for a string of problematic past actions.

Two of James Charles' fiercest critics have been Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas, who recently took to Twitter to call out Chipotle for sponsoring an alleged "sexual predator":

While Trisha summed up her reaction by simply calling Chipotle "trash," Ethan reaffirmed his intentions of wanting to cancel James Charles:

"Yes, to answer your question, I am trying to cancel James Charles. He, of all people, is completely deserving of it after admitting to exchanging nudes with a 16 year old. This is a pattern of behavior that should land him in prison not collaborating with Chipotle"

Their recent criticism opened up a whole new Pandora's box online, with several Twitter users echoing their thoughts on the recent James Charles x Chipotle collaboration.

Chipotle faces backlash for sponsoring James Charles amid grooming allegations

In his latest video, James Charles announced his collaboration with American fast-food chain Chipotle, who recently launched their own makeup line in association with E.L.F cosmetics.

The collaboration comes at a rather tricky time, considering the fact that James Charles is currently embroiled in an alleged grooming scandal.

Ever since his first accuser, Isaiyah, came forward, there have been several more who followed suit, as they proceeded to recall their experience of allegedly being groomed at the hands of James Charles.

Despite his best attempts to seemingly hush up the furor online, his nonchalant response has only drawn further flak, with a majority of Twitter users appalled at his blatant indifference towards the accusations thus far.

A section also highlighted the fact that Chipotle has also sponsored David Dobrik in the past, who is currently embroiled in a sexual assault scandal of his own.

On account of the severity of these allegations, Chipotle ended up facing backlash recently for deciding to sponsor James Charles:

As dissent continues to mount online, it seems like the recent grooming scandal surrounding James Charles has now landed his sponsorship deals with Morphe and Chipotle in jeopardy.

Published 11 Mar 2021
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