Corpse Husband sends fans into a frenzy after showcasing insane knife trick on Fleet

Corpse Husband recently showcased his prowess with a butterfly knife
Corpse Husband recently showcased his prowess with a butterfly knife

Internet sensation Corpse Husband recently sent his army of fans into a tizzy after he shared a short clip of himself performing impressive knife tricks that left them wanting more.

The 23-year old faceless YouTuber initially posted the clip in the form of a Twitter fleet, which disappeared shortly after being posted.

However, much to the delight of fans, he ended up sharing it on his alternate Twitter account, which left them clicking on the replay button with reckless abandon.

With the infectious beats of "Joan of Arc" by Night Lovell and $uicideBoy$ playing in the background, the short clip of Corpse Husband exhibiting his prowess with a blade ended up garnering a significant amount of traction online.

Corpse Husband leaves fans impressed with his butterfly knife skills

One of the most popular creators in the streaming space today, the meteoric rise of Corpse Husband has been nothing short of remarkable.

From dabbling in games such as Among Us and Rust to entertaining fans with his wholesome camaraderie with the likes of Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Disguised Toast and more, he has amassed a stellar following from fans over the course of his career.

Corpse Husband is also certainly no stranger to the Twitter trending page. He has become a mainstay in terms of sheer virality, courtesy of his army of fans who seldom fail to hype up his limited yet wholesome social media activity.

Be it an audio clip of him eating watermelon or one highlighting his breathing pattern, the aura of suspense that surrounds Corpse Husband has resulted in an online craze that is right up there with the best of streamers.

With regards to his recent display of impressive knife skills, scores of fans descended upon Twitter to react via a mixture of memes and awe.

His recent butterfly knife clip happened to coincide with him reaching one million followers on his alternate Twitter account, a feat which marks yet another feather in his stacked cap of accolades.

And if the reactions above are anything to go by, it looks like Corpse Husband's streak of successfully inciting chaos online remains gloriously intact.