"Correct yourself": Jeffree Star responds to rumors about his Yaks as he defends Star Yak ranch venture in Wyoming

Jeffree Star has responded to the yak butchering claims (Images via Jeffree Star/Instagram)
Jeffree Star has responded to the yak butchering claims (Images via Jeffree Star/Instagram)

Jeffree Star has been receiving flak since his move to Wyoming. The YouTuber left his pink $20 million mansions to establish his own "Star" yak ranch in Casper, Wyoming. He now owns over 500 acres of land with more than 40 yaks.

A tweet by @kattenbarge went viral online, where it shed light on Jeffree Star's upcoming business ventures. In the tweet, fans could see that the make-up mogul had filed to trademark several goods and services, including clothing, pet food, natural fiber from yaks, butcher shops, and breeding and stud services for Star Yak Ranch.

Fans of the makeup legend seemed alarmed after noticing that Jeffree Star had trademarked "Star Yak Ranch" for butchering and breeding as well.

One tweet read:

"Butchering? He always talks about how it's so important to him that his makeup is vegan.. so he cares about beetles but wants to slaughter animals..."

Jeffree Star responds to yak butchering claims

As the tweets began spreading like wildfire, the 35-year-old took to his Instagram stories to end the rumors:

"I recently trademarked Star Yak Ranch in every single category just because you always want to protect yourself in business so lets say I trademarked it for yarn, cheese, breeding, butchering etc, it doesn't mean that I'm doing any of those things it just means that I don't want anyone to take those trademarks in those categories. So I'm just protecting myself."

Jeffree Star then spoke about his yaks, saying:

"If you stragglers are trying to spin up a fake story that I'm doing this and doing that, y'all flaks. Nothing is happening to them besides brushing them, loving them and feeding them."

He continued:

"Yaks are majestic creatures, there have been so many questions, are they for pets, am I killing them. They've really helped ground me, having a ranch has been so fulfilling."

Star took to Twitter yesterday announcing that he was "mixing glamor with a little bit of western" in his Jeffree Star Cosmetics line. The makeup line owner announced that he would be selling new eyeshadow hues, including "Casper Mountain," "Winter Wind," and "Grand Prismatic" in the upcoming Star Ranch makeup palette, which will be sold from Friday.

He also said that yak plushies would be available on his website from the same day.

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