Dark Hole Episode 3: When and where to watch, and what to expect for zombie-themed K-drama

A scene from OCN's new drama "Dark Hole" (Image via OCN)
A scene from OCN's new drama "Dark Hole" (Image via OCN)

No one does the zombie genre better than South Korea (think "Train to Busan" or "Kingdom"). The new K-drama "Dark Hole" is no exception. The OCN drama is part of the network's "Dramatic Cinema" project, whose other shows include "Search," "Hell Is Other People," and "Trap."

Like other shows and movies of this genre, "Dark Hole" focuses on an unknown substance that turns people into a mutated version of themselves - depicted quite zombie-like in the series - as survivors fight for their lives. The unknown mystery substance is a cloud of black smoke from a dark hole. Hence, the name of the title.

While "Dark Hole" is still in its early days, it became one of the most-watched series when it first debuted. This article dives into more about the upcoming episode and what to expect from this new series.

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When and where to watch Dark Hole Episode 3?

"Dark Hole" airs on OCN every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. Korean Standard Time. Episode 3 will air on Friday, May 7, and Episode 4 will air on Saturday, May 8.

Both episodes will be available internationally on Rakuten Viki shortly after they air.

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What happened previously?

"Dark Hole," tells the story of a group of survivors in Mujishi as they fight for their lives against a mysterious substance that turns humans into zombie-like creatures. When a human inhales the mysterious smoke from a sinkhole, their eyes turn fully black, and they become violent. Victims hallucinate about painful memories and go on a killing spree.

The main characters of "Dark Hole" are Lee Hwa Sun (Kim Ok Bin) and Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk). Hwa Sun is a police detective on the hunt for her husband's murderer, a serial killer who taunts her and tells her that she is in Mujishi. When Hwa Sun goes to Mujishi, she inhales the smoke but can fight against its effects and is helped by Tae Han.

Tae Han is a former police officer who works as a wrecked car driver. He has a light and carefree personality who believes in justice. Tae Han teams up with Hwa Sun, when the mysterious substance takes over Mujishi, to find what caused it and stop its effects.

In the previous episode of "Dark Hole," the virus had seemingly spread everywhere, leading Mujishi into chaos. In the last moments of the episode, an announcement claims that Mujishi High School is a safe space and tells survivors to head there.

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What to expect in Dark Hole Episode 3?

As viewers head into the third episode of "Dark Hole," Hwa Sun and Tae Han race against time to save the people of Mujishi from the smoke. While the high school is announced as a safe destination, something does not sit right, and the uninfected people of Mujishi end up turning against each other amidst the chaos and fear.

Meanwhile, the presence of a mysterious cult deepens the story as viewers wonder what their involvement with the virus is.

As the story continues, it would seem like Hwa Sun was lured to Mujishi by some force. It will be made clear to viewers later in the series.