Youth of May: Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, and more travel back to the 80s for romance drama about democratic uprising

Lee Do Hyun in a still from "Youth of May" (Image via KBS2)
Lee Do Hyun in a still from "Youth of May" (Image via KBS2)

KBS2 drama "Youth of May" is set to premiere on Monday, May 3rd. The historical drama will star Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si, who are reuniting after their successful stint in Netflix's Korean drama, "Sweet Home."

"Youth of May" is set in the 1980s and tells the story of young people who become caught up in the democratic uprising that took place in South Korea during the period following Chun Doo Hwan's military dictatorship.

Specifically, the drama will focus on the Gwangju Uprising, which took place in Gwangju, a southern town in South Korea, in May 1980, after students and factory workers rose up to protest against Chun's martial law but were met with a brutal military crackdown under his leadership.

Read on to learn more about the cast members of "Youth of May" and the characters they will be playing in the upcoming drama.

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Who is in Youth of May?

"Youth of May" centers on the love story between the characters played by Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si, and both characters have a medical background. The drama also features other young characters who get caught up in the democratic uprising.

Lee Do Hyun as Hwang Hee Tae

Lee Do Hyun has had a brilliant stint in Korean dramas over the past year. The actor found success through his roles in "Hotel del Luna," "Sweet Home," and "18 Again."

In "Youth of May," Lee Do Hyun plays Hwang Hee Tae, a young student who temporarily leaves medical school at the Seoul National University at the start of the drama due to trauma from an incident. While the incident has not been specified, it could likely be related to the protests. He later meets Kim Myeong Hee, a nurse.

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Go Min Si as Kim Myeong Hee

Go Min Si is known for her roles in "Love Alarm" and "Sweet Home." She plays the role of Kim Myeong Hee, a nurse who has been working for three years. Myeong Hee is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and stands up to superiors who are unjust. She is the sole breadwinner of her family.

When she meets Hee Tae, Myeong Hee begins to enjoy the lighter side of life until both of them get caught up in the protests.

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Lee Sang Yi as Lee Soo Chan

Lee Sang Yi is known for his supporting roles in "Once Again," "When the Camellia Blooms," and "The Nokdu Flower."

He plays his first K-drama main role in "Youth of May," where he plays Lee Soo Chan, a young businessman who returns to South Korea from France. Soo Chan will be the second main lead and will also fall for Myeong Hee.

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Keum Sae Rok as Lee Soo Ryeon

Keum Sae Rok is known for her roles in "The Fiery Priest," "Marry Me Now," and "Joseon Exorcist."

In "Youth of May," she plays Lee Soo Ryeon, who comes from a wealthy family but fights for social justice. She is longtime friends with Myeong Hee and is the sister of Soo Chan. Soo Ryeon will find herself in an unexpected relationship in the drama that leaves her conflicted.

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Other characters

"Youth of May" also stars Oh Man Seok as Hwang Gi Nam, Shim Yi Young as Song Hae Ryeong, Kim Yi Kyung as In Young, and more.

Watch the trailer for "Youth of May" below.

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