Dated and Related Season 1: Who were the finalists and are they still together? 

Nina, Kieran and Alara (Image via Instagram/@ninaxdiana)
Nina, Kieran and Alara (Image via Instagram/@ninaxdiana)

Dated and Related is Netflix's newest reality TV dating series that recently premiered. With ten episodes in season 1, the show features siblings who enter a villa in the South of France hoping to find love. To further complicate things, they also have to be the best wingman/wingwoman for their sibling and help them find true love too.

Just like any other reality TV show, Dated and Related also serves its share of drama that is bound to get viewers curious. If you're someone who has already binge-watched the show, or is impatient and curious to find out which of the couples made it till the end, well, read on to find out more about how the show ends.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers.

Which three couples made it to the end in Dated and Related?

Nine pairs of siblings entered the villa to be swept off their feet, but not everybody was able to make it to the end. Some didn't find the connection they were looking for, and some didn't put in enough effort. Those siblings were eliminated over the course of time.

Ultimately, only three couples were able to find love in the villa. Now, the question is if they still remained together after they left the villa? Read on to find out!

Kaz Bishop and Diana Parsijani

Diana Parsijani and Kaz Bishop were the first to become a couple on Dated and Related. Right from the start, they developed a strong connection and declared that they only had eyes for each other. They grew so fond of each other during the course of their stay in the villa that, in episode 8, Kaz decided to surprise Diana.

Kaz, with the help of his brother Kieran, planned a special date night to confess his love for Diana. Kaz stood in front of Diana with cards that read, "I Love You" and "Will You Be My Girlfriend?" Diana, who was overjoyed, accepted his proposal. The couple made it to the finale and even won the most votes. They walked away from the villa as the golden couple with $100,000 and true love.

Since their exit from the villa, the Dated and Related couple haven't been vocal about their relationship. One can speculate they they are still together since they follow each other on Instagram.

Kieran Bishop and Alara Taneri

Kieran Bishop initially formed a connection with Nina Parsijani, who was the sister of his brother's girlfriend. The two hit it off real quick, but the drama erupted after Alara Taneri entered the villa with her brother Ceylan Taneri. Right from the get-go, Alara was ready to step on toes if she liked someone, and that's exactly what she did when she developed a strong liking towards Kieran.

She didn't shy away from making her feelings public despite knowing that Kieran was with Nina. Alara even asked him out on a double date with her brother. Eventually, when Nina and Kieran parted ways, Alara was quick to make her move. With Kieran and Alara sharing the same personality, they were a perfect fit for each other. They formed a quick connection and made it to the finale. Although the couple didn't win the prize, they did leave the villa together.

Like Kaz and Diana, Alara and Kieran have also been quiet about their relationship. Given that both of them reside in London, distance is unlikely to be an issue for the couple. The two Dated and Related stars still follow each other on Instagram.

Nina Parsijani and Daniel Perfetto

Daniel Perfetto entered the villa with his sister Julia Perfetto in episode 3. When Daniel joined Dated and Related, he had his eyes on Corrina, and Nina was with Kieran. Although Daniel and Corrina went on a date and shared a kiss, the Dated and Related star still wanted to keep his options open.

Eventually, it was revealed that Daniel was interested in Nina. Hence, when Nina and Kieran decided to part ways, Daniel decided to make his move. He first got his sister's approval and then spoke to Nina about how he felt. Luckily for him, Nina liked him too.

Much like the other Dated and Related couples who left the villa together, Nina and Daniel have also kept the details of their relationship private. Although they follow each other on social media, it is unknown whether or not they're still together.

Dated and Related is now available to watch only on Netflix.

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