David Dobrik Drama explained: The Internet wants Dobrik and his squad canceled, here is why

Image via David Dobrik
Image via David Dobrik
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David Dobrik is accused of a many offenses, including sexual assault and pressuring his employees to do things they did not want to do.

David has been accused by many of his former squad members of being a bully who treats them like garbage. Trisha Paytas, a former squad member, admitted she almost became suicidal because of the videos. BigNik, another former squad member, said that he became depressed as a result of being continuously harassed while working with David.

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One major accusation has become the cherry on top of this pile of heat on David Dobrik. A former vlog squad member, Seth Francois, said that he was sexually assaulted by Jason Nash in a prank by David Dobrik in 2017, in which he was tricked into kissing Nash.

David Dobrik told Francois that he would be kissing Corina Kopf and to use as much tongue as he wanted. David then sent Jason Nash to kiss Francois and instructed Nash to make sure the kiss was very intimate. Before revealing the prank, Nash made sure to rub Francois’ legs and back during the kiss.

Francois said he was traumatized by the situation and said he felt like his masculinity was stripped from him. David Dobrik's cruel treatment of his squad was revealed by BigNik, so Francois felt compelled to share his own experience.

Recently resurfaced audio clips from a podcast done many years ago reveal that this was not staged. David did not tell Francois that he would be kissing Nash before the episode took place. According to Dobrik, Francois was a good target because he is black, was raised in Compton, California, and homosexual acts are not widely accepted where Francois is from.

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Other fans come forward against David Dobrik

David tried to defend himself from Seth Francois’ accusations by showing texts where Seth said he wouldn’t mind doing more videos like that. They didn’t really show that Francois knew about the prank before it happened, only that Francois didn’t tell David that it hurt him. After David tried to defend himself, multiple other fans came forward accusing David of sexual assault against them.

Other squad members, such as Trisha Paytas, have admitted that some fans came to them about being forced into sexual situations without consent by David Daobrik and Jason Nash. At times, they were even underage. This has added to the controversy surrounding David Dobrik.

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BigNik accuses David Dobrik of bullying and harassment

H3H3 asked BigNik, a former member of the Vlog Squad, for his thoughts on the YouTube collective in H3H3’s After Dark Podcast #22. BigNik stated that he felt worthless after being harassed and bullied in the majority of the videos he appeared in. The other members would constantly make fun of his height, and he just became a punchline instead of a real member.

After many years of abuse, BigNik decided to tell David that he didn’t like how he was made fun of for his height in the vlogs and was cut from the videos entirely. While they may be on good terms today, BigNik describes leaving David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad as a good experience.


David is feeling the heat from all sides due to all of these accusations coming in at the same time. What he will do is still to be seen, but it is hard to remember any YouTuber who has dealt with these many accusations and fan hate all at once.

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