Did Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo star in a film together before The Adam Project? Actors reveal on the reunion

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo (Image via Popsugar)
Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo (Image via Popsugar)
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With The Adam Project hitting Netflix this month, fans are excited to not only see Ryan Reynolds starring as the lead, but also Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner reuniting once again after years.

Ruffalo and Garner starred in the beloved romantic comedy 13 Going On 30, way back in 2004, and the two actors have been making a lot of references to their first movie together while promoting The Adam Project.

More about 13 Going On 30

does it ever drives just how fastyou crazy the night changes #TheAdamProject

13 Going On 30 is a fantastical romantic comedy all about a girl who, sick of the social strictures of junior high, is transformed into a grownup overnight. A teenage Jenna desperately wants to skip the struggles of adolescence and jump right into adulthood where she can have a boyfriend and be a well-adjusted adult.

Suddenly, her secret desire becomes a reality, and she is transformed into a 30-year-old. She realizes that adulthood is not as easy as it looks and is riddled with challenges.

In the movie, Jennifer Garner plays the adult version of Jenna and Mark Ruffalo plays Matt, her boyfriend.

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo reunite for The Adam Project

FINALLY, 13 Going On 30 reunion 🥺♡(with Razzles ofc)#TheAdamProject

The Adam Project centers on Ryan Reynolds’ Adam, a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self and late father, played by Mark Ruffalo, to save the future.

Reynolds has cast Garner and Ruffalo as his character’s parents, making for a 13 Going On 30 reunion. The two actors have been commenting a lot on their reunion while promoting The Adam Project.

Ruffalo, while sharing what it was like to work again with Garner, said:

"It was like we picked up where we left off. It was like Jenna and Matty went off and had Ryan Reynolds as a kid, and no one can understand how he got so tall."

During an interview together, the duo also commented on their rom-com project together. Ruffalo said,

"Now would be a great time to make a sequel to 13 Going on 30...We could franchise the hell out of this."

To which Garner wittily replied,

"We won't go another 18 years [without working together] for sure. I'll just haunt you, you have to like hire me for something."

Catch The Adam Project on Netflix on March 11, 2022 to go on a time-traveling adventure with Reynolds, Ruffalo, Garner and the rest of the cast, including Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener.

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