"Does she even know his name?": Bryce Hall trolled for lying about Selena Gomez hook-up 

Bryce Hall dragged online for using Selena Gomez for publicity (Image via brycehall and selenagomez/ Instagram)
Bryce Hall dragged online for using Selena Gomez for publicity (Image via brycehall and selenagomez/ Instagram)
Karishma Rao

TikToker Bryce Hall is receiving severe backlash online after claiming he hooked up with popstar Selena Gomez. The social media influencer made his revelations during the third season of YouTube’s Reality House.

Bryce Hall is one of the biggest content creators. The 22-year-old has amassed over 21 million followers on TikTok and also has his own YouTube channel where he often posts vlog style content.

The Maryland-native stated in the aforementioned show’s second episode that he had “hooked up” with the singer. The contestants were playing a game of Never Have I Ever where they were prompted:

“Never have I ever hooked up with an A-list celebrity.”

Bryce Hall responded:

“Wait, do we count... Is Selena Gomez an A-list?”


Bryce Hall responds to backlash over Selena Gomez hookup "joke"

A snippet of the show was captured by AJ Krakovsky’s TikTok account mizfit. He slammed Bryce Hall for using Selena Gomez for clout. Since then, Selena Gomez fans have taken to social media dissing Hall.

A few tweets regarding the same read:

lmao bryce hall just said he slept with selena gomez but does she even know his name
why does bryce hall keep mentioning selena i feel insulted for her 🧍‍♀️
bryce hall really have audacity to said he hooked up with THE selena gomez and said "is she an A-list celebrity" ??? yes he is delusional and disrespectful, but what do we expect from a basic white men tho.
bryce hall is obsessed with mentioning selena can he move on
Bryce Hall never mention the queen Selena Gomez like this ever in your pathetic irrelevant clout chasing life you r@t. Don’t EVER slander her name you couldn’t even BREATH THE SAME AIR AS HER if you wanted too
@BryceHall the audacity you have to come for selena, imma just stay quiet the jokes write themselves.
bryce hall using selena’s name for clout just like he did with ariana disgusting
his friend didn’t even give him a chance but bryce hall weird as hell mentioning selena like that
Bryce hall really said THE Selena Gomez hooked up w him

After gaining negative traction online, Hall took to social media to take back his statement. Under a TikTok video, he commented:

Hall responds to social media backlash (Image via TikTok)
Hall responds to social media backlash (Image via TikTok)

The show Reality House, hosted by YouTubers Kian and JC, has garnered several thousand views since its release. The celebrity reality show has released two episodes so far.

Several social media stars, including Camilla Coleman Brooks, Louie Castro, Peter Vigilante, embodoe, lavaxgrll, Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau, among others, are participating in the show.

Tana Mongeau created a buzz online after she refused to participate in the show’s first challenge which included rock climbing. The YouTuber claimed that she did not want to ruin her expensive manicure.

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