“Doing everything possible to embarrass her": Fans sympathize with Addison Rae as mother, Sheri Easterling kisses Yung Gravy at VMAs 2022

Details about Addison
Addison Rae's mom and Yung Gravy made an appearance together at the 2022 MTV VMAs (Image via MTV VMA)

This year, the VMAs saw Addison Rae’s mother, Sheri Easterling, kissing rapper Yung Gravy on the red carpet.

The new couple made headlines with their appearance together on the MTV VMAs red carpet. Later, the couple shocked everyone as they both leaned in for a kiss during the picture-posing session.

However, all this took netizens by surprise, and a lot of them sympathized with Addison, with one fan even saying:

“Addison Rae’s parents doing everything possible to embarrass her.”

The comment came soon after MTV posted a video of the couple kissing. The caption of the post read:

“Never enough kisses at the VMAs!!! Isn’t that right, Yung Gravy & Sheri Nicolee?”

Addison Rae’s mother and Yung Gravy in love: Why are the netizens upset?

The world is now talking about the romance brewing between Addison’s mother Sheri Nicole Easterling and Yung Gravy. However, some netizens were left unhappy with the fact that the new couple chose to express PDA in front of the camera.

While some were shocked, others simply sympathized with Addison Rae about her mom kissing Yung Gravy on camera at the MTV VMAs.

Yung Gravy shares details about the love story

With Yung Gravy and Sheri Easterling's new relationship receiving mixed reactions on social media, the couple revealed details of how they met and more.

During a pre-show interview at the MTV Video Music Awards, Yung Gravy said:

"We met online. Yeah. We connected right away. I'm from the furthest north it gets, she's from the furthest south it gets.”

The 26-year-old rapper and Addison Rae's 42-year-old mother were linked earlier this month when they were spotted going on a date.

Easterling shares a daughter, 21-year-old Addison Rae and two sons, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8, with her ex-husband Monty Lopez.

Earlier this month, Gravy was also featured on the BFFs podcast, where he confessed that he wanted to take Easterling on a date. He also said that Sheri Nicole and her ex-husband have been separated for over a year now.

The couple, Nicole and Gravy, have now spoken up about their relationship after making it public at the MTV VMAs.

While Sheri isn't the only person in the limelight with her new relationship, Monty Lopez, Rae's father too, has been at the center of controversy in recent months. Lopez allegedly had a months-long affair with a 25-year-old model.

At the time of writing, Rae hadn't commented or made any statement about the video shared by MTV. The TikToker hasn't made any statement about her relationship with either of her parents' new partners.

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