Donda Academy X Slam Magazine merch drop: Where to buy, price, and more about the collab

Donda Academy x SLAM Magazine released their collab merchandise (Image via DondaSlam)
Donda Academy x SLAM Magazine released their collab merchandise (Image via DondaSlam)

Donda Academy recently dropped its merchandise in collaboration with SLAM magazine as the former continues its foray into the world of sports.

Recently, Donda recruits were featured on the SLAM magazine cover. Kanye’s love for sports is no secret, especially when it comes to basketball.

The California-based academy is an embodiment of his enthusiasm for basketball.

All about Donda Academy x SLAM Magazine merch, price and more

Three items will release under Ye’s collab merch: the Donda SLAM Hoodie, Donda SLAM Short Sleeve (SS) Tee, and Donda SLAM Long Sleeve (LS) Tee. The hoodie is priced at $200 USD, while the other two SS and LS tees are priced at $100 USD and $140 USD, respectively.

All the items introduced are embossed with a logo at the center of the chest, while three feature a logo at the center of the chest. Ready-to-wear is of worn wash texture, with text at the back featuring the collaboration.

Those willing to have their hands on the merch can buy them from the Donda SLAM website. The ordered pieces can be expected to ship in 6-8 weeks.

The partnership launch is after the Donda Academy’s feature in the SLAM magazine cover. All featured on the cover are:

  • Ye
  • Bryce Baker
  • Brandon White
  • Jalen Hooks
  • Chuck Bailey
  • J Taylor
  • Jahki Howard
  • Robert Dillingham
  • Seven Bahati
  • Braeden Moore
  • Omarion Bodrick
  • Zion Cruz

To commemorate the achievement, Ye dropped a series of prep school merch items.

All the creations resemble to Ye’s recently introduced apparel, especially his line of hoodies that were dropped in his Yeezy Gap line.

More about Ye's academy

Donda Academy is a prep school established by Ye for the highest-ranking basketball players in high school. Few among them are Zion Cruz, JJ Taylor, Brandon White, Bryce Baker, Omarion Bodrick, and Seven Bahati.

The team’s jerseys were designed jointly by Balenciaga and Ye. Alongside jerseys, all of them wear Adidas Yeezy Basketball QNTM sneakers for their games and practices.

Kanye, who loves to keep himself busy with new projects, is also working on a Donda Sports Brand with Antonio Brown.

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