"She was causing you so much stress": Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas drama escalates over leaked "miscarriage text message"

Donna Klein shares an explosive text message she sent to Moses Hacmon regarding Trisha Paytas (Image via Sportskeeda and YouTube)
Donna Klein shares an explosive text message she sent to Moses Hacmon regarding Trisha Paytas (Image via Sportskeeda and YouTube)

Drama between Trisha Paytas and h3h3productions' Ethan Klein escalated after the latter’s mother, Donna appeared on the latest episode of the Families podcast. Donna Klein has been actively involved in the feud between Trisha and Ethan. Trisha Paytas also appeared on the Mom’s Basement podcast co-hosted by Ethan Klein’s nemesis, Keemstar which added fuel to the fire.

The latest Families podcast was uploaded today on the H3 Podcast YouTube channel. The episode, titled What Did My Mom Text Trisha?, revealed explosive personal messages sent amongst the soon-to-be family members. Trisha Paytas is set to marry Ethan Klein’s brother-in-law Moses Hacmon.

What did Donna Klein say about Trisha Paytas on Families?

On the podcast, Donna Klein shared a strongly worded text message she had sent Moses Hacmon regarding the ongoing feud between Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein. Ethan Klein’s wife, Hila is currently pregnant with their third child and the family was concerned for Hila’s pregnancy due to the stress caused by the endless feud. Donna Klein’s text message read:

“If your sister has a miscarriage because of this stress, I will hold you and Trisha responsible. Stop this nonsense. ENOUGH!”

Donna Klein, along with the family members, did not hold back while attacking Trisha Paytas and her fiancé, Moses Hacmon. This inevitably led to Donna Klein not being invited to the future Paytas-Hacmon wedding.

Trisha Paytas responded to Donna Klein exposing the family’s dirty laundry online. They (Trisha Paytas identifies as non- binary) said:

“How is Ethan not held to the same standard for constantly harassing the person that is suing him. Not only is Ethan getting sued, his family’s podcast is getting sued and Hila’s company [Teddy Fresh] is getting sued”

During the Families podcast, Ethan Klein was alarmed by the strongly worded text message his mother had sent to Moses but admitted to having thought the same way about Hila’s pregnancy.

The endless battle between the Klein family and Trisha Paytas may have now reached its end as Ethan Klein blocked Trisha Paytas on Twitter.

Trisha Paytas has not yet commented on being blocked by Ethan on the social media platform.

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