"Keemstar is a very nice person": Trisha Paytas explains her shocking decision to appear on Keem's podcast amid rising backlash 

(Images via Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)
(Images via Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)

YouTuber Trisha Paytas is receiving backlash from former podcast co-host Ethan Klein and his fans after it was revealed that Paytas will be appearing on the Mum’s Basement podcast hosted by YouTubers Keemstar and Faze Banks.

Fans of the H3H3 podcast productions know well of the endless feud between Ethan Klein and Keemstar which resulted in Trisha Paytas getting dissed as they (Trisha Paytas identifies as non-binary) are to be joining the Klein family. Paytas will be marrying Klein’s brother-in-law Moses Hacmon.

Twitterati were quick to call out Trisha Paytas for their appearance on Keemstar’s podcast. Twitter users said:

“I remember Trisha was so scared of even mentioning "Keemstar" on the Frenemies Podcast....but now she's cool with meeting him on his podcast. I will never understood this character called "Trisha".

An Ethan Klein supporter said:

“It is sad. She JUST said she hopes you and Hila will go to her wedding but then she goes out of her way to hurt and disrespect your family.”

Trisha Paytas responds to comments claiming that they are backstabbing family

After the Mukbang YouTuber received intense backlash online, they released several TikToks addressing their decision to appear on Mum’s Basement.

“Me going to Mom’s Basement was not to attack Ethan, I had my own issue with Keemstar. Once again me going on another person’s podcast does not mean I am pro-them. I like having discussions with people, especially people I disagree with. I have my own issues with Keem I can talk about.” -Trisha Paytas

Paytas expressed how she wished to have tough discussions with whom they disagreed with. They recently called out Keemstar for his alleged relationship with a 20-year-old. They said:

“I’ve gone on people’s podcast who have triggered me in the past, Gabbie Hanna trying to make peace. I met Ethan going on his podcast because he made a video saying that I look like a corpse and a wrestler. I do believe he has changed since then, speaking about people’s looks.”

Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein have been in what seems like an endless fight ever since their Frenemies podcast was canceled after the former walked out of the show. Paytas and Klein got into a heated argument on their last episode which resulted in a very public fight ever since.

Trisha Paytas spoke in detail about Ethan Klein in her latest TikToks. They said:

“I still have animosity with Ethan like I do with Jason (Nash) and David (Dobrik) because they can’t admit to doing something wrong.”

Trisha Paytas clarified that she "had a life" prior to being embroiled in drama related to Ethan Klein. They also stated that they had beef with Faze Banks, co-host of Mum’s Basement with whom Paytas will be clearing the air with.

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