"This just really makes me sad": Ethan Klein and his parents slam Trisha Paytas for going on Keemstar's podcast

Ethan Klein slams Trisha Paytas for attending Keemstar's podcast (Image via Instagram)
Ethan Klein slams Trisha Paytas for attending Keemstar's podcast (Image via Instagram)

Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas have been making news since the latter left the popular Frenemies podcast by H3H3 productions. On June 8, 2021, Trisha Paytas walked out of the show after engaging in a suddenly heated argument with Ethan Klein.

After days of online feuds following Trisha Paytas' exit, the YouTubers decided to make peace by bidding a final goodbye to the show. However, the drama surrounding Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein recently took a turn for the worse after the former appeared on Keemstar’s podcast.

Keemstar is known as one of Ethan Klein’s sworn rivals. Their infamous beef began after the latter called out Keemstar’s many controversial actions on his YouTube channel. This led to years of consistent rivalry as the two continued to take fiery jabs at each other on social media.


Paytas’ recent appearance on Keemstar’s podcast has left Klein hurt and upset. The 36-year-old took to Twitter to share his reaction to the situation:

“I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny; this just really makes me sad.”

Despite their strained professional relationship, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein previously agreed to maintain a cordial equation as they are “almost family.” The former is engaged to Ethan Klein’s brother-in-law, Moses Hacmon.

However, the professional drama is now likely affecting family ties. Ethan Klein’s mother, Donna Klein, also expressed disappointment on Paytas' latest action. She even hinted that the Klein family might not attend Paytas and Hacmon’s wedding.

Paytas reportedly met Hacmon after taking part in a dating show hosted by Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein.

Fans react to latest Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas drama

Trisha Paytas on Keemstar's latest podcast (Image via Twitter)
Trisha Paytas on Keemstar's latest podcast (Image via Twitter)

Following Ethan Klein’s disappointment about Trisha Paytas’ appearance on Keemstar’s podcast, Paytas came to their (Trisha identifies as non-binary) own defense on Twitter. They wrote:

“Me and Keem have beef / me and faze had beef / I go on podcasts to talk and try and find peace with ppl. I did it with Ethan.”

The Frenemies podcast initially began as an attempt to solve Paytas' complicated relationship with fellow YouTubers Ethan and Hila.

Paytas further called out the quick judgments and mentioned that they went to Keemstar’s podcast to call out his questionable behavior:

They also took to a dig on Ethan Klein’s mother, accusing the latter of attempting to destroy their relationship with Hacmon:

Meanwhile, the majority of fans also expressed their disappointment with Trisha Paytas for collaborating with Keemstar. Several social media users took to Twitter to react to the ongoing situation:

In response, Paytas called Ethan Klein’s fanbase “toxic,” earning further backlash from the online community:

However, a few fans also defended Trisha Paytas and called out Ethan Klein on Twitter:

As reactions continue to come in thick and fast, it remains to be seen if Ethan Klein will respond back to Trisha Paytas’ defensive statements. It is also unclear whether the latest drama will have a permanent impact on their familial ties.

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