Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas drama explained as latter cries over anti-semitic allegations

Ethan Klein slams Trisha Paytas for anti-Semitic TikTok videos (Image via trishapaytasbackup/ Instagram and H3H3 Productions/ Youtube)
Ethan Klein slams Trisha Paytas for anti-Semitic TikTok videos (Image via trishapaytasbackup/ Instagram and H3H3 Productions/ Youtube)
Karishma Rao

Controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas has been sharing their journey of embracing Judaism over the past few months. Their online enemy and podcast host Ethan Klein is now bashing them for being anti-Semitic.

This comes after Paytas’ recent wedding to Moses Hacmon, Klein’s brother-in-law.

Trisha Paytas had not so long ago posted a video of themselves dancing on TikTok. The caption read:

“When u can’t finish conversion classes so u just pay to be Jewish.”

The H3 productions host slammed Paytas on the video sharing platform, saying:

“You don’t care enough about the culture to put in the actual work to do it the right way."

Ethan Klein also stated that they were being anti-Semitic as Paytas’ clip read that they “pay to be Jewish.” Ethan Klein said:

“It propagates the notion that Jews only care about money.”

Trisha Paytas responds to Ethan Klein’s accusations

The mukbang-YouTuber took to their YouTube channel and uploaded a nearly 20 minute long video, titled, “to Ethan and Hila.” Paytas was seen visibly upset and crying about the anti-Semitic accusations which were brought forward. Paytas said:

“Ethan and Hila are the only ones who have issues with me, Moses' entire family were just here, celebrating and happy. The reason they were not invited (to the wedding) because they could not stop talking, harassing, and obsessing over me, over us. They could not respect boundaries when I asked them to just please stop talking about me.”

They continued:

“Calling me an anti-Semite and saying F them, he knows, he purposely, he lies all the time! He tried to say I've separated a family - I have always been good with Moses’ family.”

"When you make those statements of being an anti-Semite and awful things, he said about Moses and me, it’s really damaging."

Reacting to the family drama, a few tweets on Trisha Paytas' latest video read:

Trisha: I didn't want to finish my conversion classes so I just paid off a rabbi instead 🤪Ethan: That's lazy and disrespectful, also no rabbi would do that, that's an offensive stereotypeTrisha: "He's probably just saying this for the greed, money, and views"(exact words)
The thing about Trisha Paytas and Ethan is they're both fragile, but also insanely narcissistic people who make a career off of drama and gossip, to the point they both use family drama for profit shamelessly. It's ALL for clicks or they'd settle it private like adults. Period.
boohoo. trisha paytas finally got publically called out by ethan for being a discriminatory POS. tired of them playing the victim like actually grow up and shut up
Trisha Paytas making a response video literally crying because Ethan Klein (accurately) described them as an antisemite because of their tone deaf hanukah tiktoks is truly something else.

Trisha Paytas also accused Ethan Klein of gathering a hate-mob against them online, which they have mentioned in the past as well.

This is not the first time Trisha Paytas has been accused of appropriating Jewish culture. A Holocaust survivor responded to their TikTok videos as well.

Edited by Rhythm Bhatia
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