'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 2 preview: Is Nate alive in the upcoming episode of the HBO series?

Still from HBO Max's Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1 - Nate (Image via HBO Max)
Still from HBO Max's Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1 - Nate (Image via HBO Max)

The premiere of Euphoria's Season 2 has left viewers shocked yet happy, but things seem to be getting more intense in the second episode.

The upcoming episode of the series is set to premiere on January 16, 2022 and will shed light on the aftermath of Fez's violent outbreak at the NYE party. Other aspects seem to look into Cassie's changed behavior and Rue's road back to sobriety.

It's exciting to see creator Sam Levinson putting other characters in the spotlight and diving into their backstory.


'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 2: What to expect from the second episode?


Euphoria's return showed excess style, sound, fury and violence - all in one single episode, setting the tone for the entire season. A relapsed Rue, a guilty Cassie, a violent Fez and a hospitalized Nate - this is what Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door was all about.

Rue went from being forced to strip naked at a drug dealer's house to almost dying at the New Year's Eve party. But it also saw her and Jules being upfront and reuniting. The episode focused mainly on Fez and his upbringing, ending with him almost beating Nate to death.

The upcoming episode of Season 2, Out of Touch, will have plenty to unpack after the events that took place in the previous episode. The possibility of a legal comeback lies ahead of Fez after assaulting Nate in front of a party full of people. But the question here remains, will witnesses testify against Fez if it comes to that?

Rue and Jules are back together, but things still seem unclear between them. The former has found a new friend in Elliot. This might hinder her romance with Jules, especially since he is a druggie himself. Since Rue does want to get sober and be with Jules, Elliot is definitely the worst person to be around.

Cassie, who seems to have completely ended things with McKay, might just have a thing for Nate. Looking at the preview for the upcoming episode of Euphoria, she is dressed up exactly like Maddy, the way Nate likes.

However, her brief liaison with Nate still seems to be a secret from Maddy. Nate might just survive the beating and come back for revenge because he isn't someone who backs down either.

Catch Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 next Sunday, January 16 on HBO Max. The latest episode is also available to stream now.

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