'Euphoria' Season 2 premiere recap: A messy New Year for Nate (Spoilers)

Still from HBO Max's Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1 - Fez and Nate (Image via HBO Max)
Still from HBO Max's Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1 - Fez and Nate (Image via HBO Max)

The highly-anticipated season 2 of Euphoria premiered today with its first episode, and things are not looking up for Nate.

The episode, titled Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door, is directed and written by Sam Levinson. This episode of Euphoria revolves heavily around intimacy, drugs, violence and twisted love, which is what the series really is about.

'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 1: Recap


Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1 opens with a flashback to Fez's upbringing. Viewers will see Fez's drug-dealing grandmother walking into a strip club and shooting his father in the pelvis, setting the tone for the entire episode.

Viewers of Euphoria are friendly with Fez's character as well as his younger brother Ash, but the episode sheds light on what got the two in the drug dealing business. The kids were raised around drugs and violence, thanks to their intrepid grandmother.

Fez's violent outbreak in Season 1 of Euphoria culminates in a new form towards the end of Season 2's episode 1. After all, the boy has been taught that 'violence is sometimes the best way to solve a problem.'

A relapsed Rue

A while into Fez's backstory, Euphoria shifts its focus to the present day, where he is reunited with a troubled Rue. She has relapsed, yet again, and is high in the back of Fez's car. As for the guys, they are heading off to do some serious business with a dealer named Laurie.

Meanwhile, Rue is all about feelings with a random girl, Faye, who she met a few minutes ago in the car. Faye keeps herself busy, shooting some drugs even after Rue begs her not to. The two get dragged out by some dubious drug dealers and find themselves facing Fez and Ash.

The gang goes through a very uncomfortable strip search but in the end, Fez's drug deal was a success. On the car ride home, Rue blabbers on and on about the female kingpin and how cool she was.

She then strongly expressed that the drug dealing business needs more female dealers, possibly foreshadowing her future in Euphoria.

An early New Year for Nate and Cassie

After a fight with her sister, Cassie ends up drunk at a convenience store where she bumps into Nate. He asks about her relationship status with McKay and if they are still together, to which she says no. Nate then offers to give Cassie a ride to the party, where they end up together in the bathroom.

They are interrupted by Maddy, who constantly bangs on the door, demanding to use the bathroom. She is of course unaware of what is going on, but that terrifies Cassie to death, as she has now gotten together with her best friend's ex.

As there is no escape, Cassie decides to hide in the bathtub with the shower curtain closed, while Maddy uses the toilet. Maddy is then joined by Travis, who offers her some drugs. The two were completely unaware of Cassie's presence until her phone started vibrating, but thankfully, Maddy didn't see her.

A chaotic New Years Eve

Back in the utility closet, Rue is ready to get high again with Elliot, even though she might already be high on the drugs from Fez's car. Her pulse starts to drop which sends the two into panic mode. Thanks to Elliot for the crushed Adderall, Rue does not go into cardiac arrest.

Cassie and McKay have been on weird terms which he tries to clarify with her, only for her to answer that she is not a good person. After leaving the room, McKay is questioned by Nate about what they did inside, making the former and possibly the viewers, too, squirm. But McKay keeps his calm, although Cassie's response might have given him a hint.

'Rules' reunites

Euphoria's favorite couple, Rue and Jules finally get to talking by the fire, even though their vibe would say otherwise. The two seem like total strangers rather than former lovers and best friends. Rue confesses about her relapse and its reason but later apologizes, just before the clock strikes midnight.

She further admits that she wishes to be with Jules, leaving the two teary-eyed but with more questions to answer. Another blooming romance is seen between Fez and Lexi, who practically hang out together for the entire party.

A bad night for Nate indeed

After bagging Lexi's number, Fez asks Ash to get the car ready and grab Rue. He then takes off his jumper, while eyeing Nate from a distance. Fans of Euphoria will remember Nate calling the cops on Fez in Season 1, which means he is here for revenge.

He goes over and wishes Nate a happy new year, further making small talk before swinging a glass bottle on the latter's head and punching him to the floor. Nate was left covered in blood and unconscious as people tried to stop Fez. This episode of Euphoria then moves to a startled Jules and Rue, with the latter whispering "damn!" under her breath, perfectly summing up what took place.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1 is now available to watch on HBO Max, with new episodes airing every Sunday at 9PM.

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