“Everyone will know the truth”: Nessa Barrett teases major revelation about Josh Richard and Jaden Hossler drama in new track

Nessa Barrett is a popular TikToker (Image via J-14, Instagram)
Nessa Barrett is a popular TikToker (Image via J-14, Instagram)

It seems there’s no end to the four-way drama between Tiktokers Mads Lewis, Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler, and Nessa Barrett. In the latest turn of events, fans are in for a big reveal from Nessa in her upcoming new song.

The news of Tiktok’s hottest new couple, Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler, came with its fair share of drama and a feud with Richards and Lewis.

The duo’s relationship has continued to cause despair for their respective former partners, Josh Richards and Mads Lewis. However, it seems the “truth” is much bigger than what’s been conceived so far.

The drama between the four young stars continues to surprise everyone, with Nessa Barrett’s new lip-synching video to “Original Sound” seeing her saying:

“Some people tell me that I need help. Well, some people can f**k off and go to hell.”

Nessa Barrett’s new upcoming song to reveal ‘Truth” behind relationship with Jaden Hossler?

Aside from her frustration with the ongoing drama, Nessa Barrett included a caption in the video, which assured that there’s more to the story and will be unveiled soon.

“Can’t wait for my EP to drop, and everyone will know the truth since people want to act so innocent.”

Josh and Mads have not responded to Nessa, and it seems unlikely since the two are trying to move on. Unfortunately, it looks like the upcoming song from the Tiktoker will surely rile up the drama.

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler continue to face backlash after being caught together

Earlier this month, Nessa and Jaden were faced with enraged fans supporting Josh and Mads. The online backlash came after the two denied reports of allegedly “hooking up.”

But the Tiktokers were later surprisingly caught by paparazzi on a dinner date. Jaden then confirmed their new relationship and said:

“We’re just trying to enjoy ourselves, you know. Honestly, we feel like we handled this whole thing like respectfully and privately, and some people like to go online, you know. Also, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Anybody can say anything online nowadays. You know what I mean.”

The response sparked immense support for Mads, who even appeared on the Barstool podcast, Call Her Daddy. The star revealed that Jaden told her he likes Nessa - before recording the podcast.

Jaden’s attempt to quash online talks eventually backfired on his live stream after fans came out in support of Josh and Mads. Fans were shocked to hear him address his complicated relationship with Mads Lewis and the ongoing bond with Nessa Barrett.

“I was not a good boyfriend. I tried to make it work with Mads, and sometimes things just don’t work. I was trying to be there for her.”

Perhaps, Nessa's “Truth” in her upcoming songs can help Jaden from the online wrath he continues to face.

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