EXO D.O.'s mini-album Empathy out, fans love the whimsical MV Rose

A still of EXO D.O. (Instagram)
A still of EXO D.O. (Instagram)

EXO D.O.'s long-awaited solo album finally arrived on July 26. It was titled Empathy and consisted of eight tracks. Along with the mini album, EXO D.O.'s music video Rose was also released.

Within hours of the release, EXO D.O's Rose music video received 2 million views. The song was shared by D.O.'s celebrity friends, including Kim Woo-bin.

The album has impressed EXO and D.O.'s fans after he flaunted his language skills. The mini-album saw EXO D.O. perform a version of Rose in English. This is in addition to the Spanish bonus track Si Fueras Mia.

The title of the song translated to If You Were Mine. The album also featured a star studded lineup of talent who wrote songs for EXO D.O.

EXO D.O. worked on the track Rose. DAY6 member Jae writes music under the moniker eaJ and was credited for composing the B Side song My Love. He was accompanied by producer Andreas Ringblom, 220.

In addition to this, the Korean lyricist team danke of BTS as well as NCT 127 fame worked on l'm Gonna Love You. In addition to such talented creators, the song also features Korean rapper Wonstein.

EXO D.O., whose given name is Do Kyungsoo, has released solo tracks before. However, Empathy is his first album release as a soloist. He followed in the footsteps of other EXO members such as Baekhyun, Kai, Lay and Chen.

EXO D.O. reveals why he named his debut album Empathy

EXO D.O. was quoted by Soompi as saying,

"There were times when I couldn't relate to the word 'empathy,' but I felt that there was a lot of energy in it. So, just like I had experienced good and influential energy, I decided to go with the theme of 'empathy' with the desire to give that to others."

He then spoke about the theme of love within the album and said,

"After deciding the theme of the album would be 'empathy,' one of the things I thought of was love, an emotion that anyone could feel, and I felt that it would be nice if my songs could comfort others like my previous song That's Okay, so I tried to write the lyrics myself."

Fans express their happiness over EXO D.O.'s first solo album release as Rose music video crosses 2 million views

EXO D.O.'s debut as a soloist has been long awaited by EXO-L, the official fandom of the band. His single tracks have created hype around his solo debut, especially the song That's Okay.

When EXO D.O.'s music video Rose dropped, fans were excited enough to bring the view count to 2 million. The song, which has whimsical visuals, also proved to fans that just like the other members of EXO, D.O. will also make it big as a solo artist.

EXO D.O. was discharged from active military service in January 2021. This is a compulsory service that is undertaken by all the men in South Korea and currently, they are expected to serve in the military for a period of 19 months.

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