Fact Check: Is the Jerry Springer will reading video real? Black children claim debunked 

Video of Jerry Springer reading a will debunked (Image via AP)
Video of Jerry Springer reading a will debunked (Image via AP)

A video of Jerry Springer reading a will has gone viral across Twitter. In the same, he can be seen sharing his decision on how his finances will be divided within his family and loved one. Several netizens were convinced that the journalist was reading his own last wishes. However, he did not do so. In reality the video is from a play he performed in.

Twitter user @marcisenberg went viral after posting a video of Jerry Springer reading a will and seemingly claiming that the last wishes were the late actor’s in reality. The netizen wrote in the tweet:

"The best Jerry Springer episode ever is Jerry reading his own will He had 2 black children out of wedlock, wife threatens to expose, so he keeps it under wraps until he dies, then leaves all his money to the children he never met. What a legend"

In the video, the television host was heard saying:

"Joan kept me away from you with a threat of exposure. She did not keep me from providing for you. You see I told her that if I had to accept a life without you, she would not get a red cent of my fortune and you would be named equally in my will in the event of my passing. But with everything going on in the world right now I realize that I have to go a step further… I leave my home in New Orleans to you to do whatever you want."

He continues:

"The rest of my estate, my properties in Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, my bank account, my investment portfolios all liquid and in tangible assets everything, all of it, will go to my children John and Nisha."

At the time of writing this article, the video had amassed over 850K views. Several netizens applauded Jerry Springer for what he said.

However, as the Twitter user and other netizens claimed that the actor read out his will in the video, it is far from the truth.

Jerry Springer did not read out his will

Twitter was one of the first official sources to debunk the viral video. Jerry Springer did not read his will and announce that he wanted his assets to be divided amongst his children he had out of wedlock, in reality. The social networking site confirmed that the video was taken from a skit that Springer performed in in December 2020.

It was revealed that Jerry Springer took part in a script reading during the “REFRAMED 2020: A Festival of New Plays on Social Justice” festival that was hosted by Tulane University's School of Liberal Arts Department of Theatre and Dance.

Considering the actor’s social stature it is safe to say that he would not read out his real will in public, if he had any created, in reality. If the politician did so, he would be making world news.


Springer passed away in April 2023 after battling cancer. He was best known for his show The Jerry Springer Show which kicked off in 1991 and lasted for 30 years. He was married to Micki Velton until 1994. The couple share one daughter, Katie Springer.

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