Fall Guys: What made the game fall so hard?

Image Credits: Mediatonic
Image Credits: Mediatonic

Fall Guys was a really interesting game released by Mediatonic, on the 4th of August this year. This game is an unconventional take on the battle royale genre. It pits 60 players against each other and the last player standing, wins.

There was a massive outrage when this game came out, because at that point of time, the quarantine was getting to almost everyone in the world. Fall Guys offered a different type of a social interaction. However, their fame was short-lived. People have been claiming that Among Us killed Fall Guys. But was that the case?

What happened to Fall Guys?

There are a few good reasons why Fall Guys failed.

#1 Accessibility

Fall guys was only released on Steam for PC, and Playstation. This left Xbox and Nintendo players out completely, which restricted its growth. Secondly, Fall Guys wasn't available on mobile devices which restricted their access even further.

#2 Server issues

With a sudden surge in the popularity of the game, Mediatonic could not handle the amount of players logging into the game, ultimately leading to frequent server crashes. Server crashes once in a while are fine, but when it becomes a regular issue, it can get annoying. This kept on happening, and the developers for Fall Guys were too late at addressing this issue, ultimately driving away their player base.

#3 Cheaters

Whatever happens with any popular game happened to fall guys as well - cheaters. This was, and still is, a fairly simple game to play, and the fact that people had to cheat even a game of this type is beyond reasoning.

Fall Guys continuously saw a huge rise in cheaters, and the developers did almost nothing to address it. Their idea was that the anti-cheat mechanism they had in place was top notch, but that wasn't the case. Also, the lack of a report button made matters even worse.

#4 Lack of updates

This was probably the major reason Fall Guys died a premature death. Given the few modes that the game had, it got repetitive very quickly; sooner than the developers had expected it to. But as time went by, the developers did start bringing in updates and new maps, but it was already too late by then.

The game still does have a loyal follower base, and the developers at Mediatonic are trying to bring in new material to the game, but will it be enough to take the game to it's original heights? Only time will tell.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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