Fans gush over BLACKPINK Jennie's latest Elle Magazine pictures

A still of the K-pop idol (Image via Instagram/@jennierubyjane)
A still of the K-pop idol (Image via Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

Known for her impressive rapping and dance skills, BLACKPINK's Jennie has also made her name in the fashion industry. The "Human Chanel" starred as the face of Elle Magazine Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand this year and has stunned fans with her gorgeous bold looks.

The K-pop singer was styled in various vibrant and elegant outfits. Jennie embodied her true fashionista vibe as she posed for the camera. Her incredible visuals make her an effortless model whenever she needs to feature for any fashion industry giant.

"Always stunning": Fans react to BLACKPINK Jennie's Elle Magazine cover

Despite being on a one-year hiatus with no confirmation of their comeback, the iconic K-pop girl group BLACKPINK does their best to entertain fans via their personal Instagram accounts. Each member posts fresh content for fans to enjoy and update them on their various activities.

Group member Jennie recently uploaded pictures from her photoshoot with Elle Magazine. Jennie took the cover of Elle Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan Magazine's February 2022 edition, which was lensed by fashion photographer Ahn Joo-young.

In charge of styling was Park Min-hee, with set design from Dohyung Kwon, and art direction by Eunji Byun. The idol’s hair was stylized by Lee Seon-young, and her makeup was done by artist Lee Myung-sun.

For her outfits, Jennie was styled in various apparels from the luxury brand Chanel. Her accessories were also from Chanel's fine line of jewelry, "Coco Crush." The luxury fashion giant officially announced Jennie as their global brand ambassador in March 2019, and their collaboration has been growing ever since.

Fan reaction

Soon enough, fans stormed the internet to gush over Jennie's spectacular visuals. Her bold and chic style attracted the attention of her fans, and they stated that every aspect of the photoshoot was well captured.

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Latest updates on BLACKPINK

As YG Entertainment continued to delay the official announcement of BLACKPINK's comeback, fans took to social media platforms to express their disappointment. They demanded the agency to announce the member’s future activities as it's nearly been a year and a half since the idols dropped new music.

Surprisingly, on January 25, 2022, the globally famed group announced an online fansign. During this live session, Jennie revealed that the group will be making a comeback soon and that they are working hard on creating something exciting. She further told fans to look forward to what’s coming next from the members but stated that she couldn’t reveal any spoilers.

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