"She's an angel": Fans react to 2NE1's CL gifting concert attendees pizza

Chaelin Lee buys free pizza for fans waiting in the cold (Image via YouTube/CL Official Channel)
Chaelin Lee buys free pizza for fans waiting in the cold (Image via YouTube/CL Official Channel)

Chaelin Lee, commonly referred to by her stage name CL, surprised fans waiting outside her concert venue with free pizza.

The K-pop artist was scheduled to perform at her concert in London. As fans waited in the cold weather to be let into the venue, they were suddenly greeted with tons of pizza boxes specially sent by the singer herself.

CL buys regular and vegan pizzas for her fans at ALPHA show in London

CL's London fans are bubbling with happiness and feelings of thankfulness towards the singer, who graciously gifted her fans boxes upon boxes of pizza. At the same time, they patiently waited to be let into her concert venue.

The singer set up a special one-off concert titled "ALPHA," ceremoniously named after her latest studio album, which also happens to be her first. The free pizza was a sight for sore eyes and tummies as concert-goers had been waiting quite a while in the freezing cold weather.

London GZBz where u at🍒

To add to the thoughtfulness of the situation on Chaelin's part, she made sure to order vegan pizzas as some may adhere to certain dietary restrictions through personal choice or health reasons.

Fans uploaded pictures and videos of them enjoying the pizza with the people around them, echoing choruses of gratitude towards the Korean singer.

Not CL buying pizza for the people waiting 😭 she's an angel..…
CL bought pizza for all of us in the queue😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @chaelinCL #CLinLondon #CLLondon
CL bought us pizza! Thank you Queen ❤️ @chaelinCL
So @chaelinCL bought us @Dominos_UK and even thought to order some #vegan, here’s my new French vegan friend @cidjy_jcj enjoying a slice. CL we love you queen 👑 !!!

Chaelin's "ALPHA" show was announced on November 17, 2021, with tickets going on sale the very next day. Due to short notice, tickets were gobbled up pretty quickly. Fans seemingly had a great time, and the warm response could encourage a few more show dates in the city in the near future.

ALPHA is Lee's first studio album under her label Very Cherry. She had been under YG Entertainment for over 12 years, working as a member and leader of the four-member K-pop group 2NE1 until 2016, when the group effectively disbanded. All of the 2NE1 members remain close to date. However, often seen with one another in public.

Chaelin took part in writing for every track in ALPHA, which would come as no surprise to her fans. She has been credited for helping write many songs from 2NE1's discography and even for her solo tracks before the group's disbandment.

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