Fans want aespa's Giselle to apologize for lip-syncing a racial slur in video, idol’s agency puts clip on private 

A still of aespa member Giselle (Image via aespa_official/Instagram)
A still of aespa member Giselle (Image via aespa_official/Instagram)
Paige Greene

In a video titled aespa 'Savage' Jacket Behind the Scenes, K-Pop idol Giselle was seen lip-syncing to a racial slur. The idol group is being managed by SM Entertainment and the agency made the video private following heavy backlash.

Fans have also sought an apology from Giselle over the incident and have slammed the idol for insentivity. The debacle which led to this major backlash sees Giselle, Karina, and Ningning vibing to SZA's song Love Galore.

In the video, Giselle was the one to mouth the n-word in the song and that made the rounds on the internet. The clip went viral on various social media sites, including Twitter.

Why are fans of aespa's Giselle seeking an apology?

The agency's move to make the video private instead of issuing a clarification has angered fans even further. They now want an apology from both the agency and the idol.

Many were hurt by Giselle's actions and wanted the star to show some sincerity towards them by apologizing wholeheartedly.

In a now-private video, Giselle did something that genuinely hurt many MYs and non-MYs. It is important to remember that we are humans before we are fans. This is why I believe it is crucial that we address this issue quickly and effectively
Even though we are fans of Giselle and aespa, the worst thing we can do is to excuse her actions and brush them under the rug
If anyone has access to Giselle’s b*bble, I urge you to please let her know what exactly has happened and to educate her. Please use her personal hashtag #지구젤리버블 to send messages as well
Giselle attended an International school in Japan and thus knows English and has been exposed to Western Culture. What she did was very wrong and it is imperative that SHE realizes this
However, I will say that it’s an even bigger shame that fans, who are arguably more cultured and knowledgeable on this topic, are feigning ignorance by trying to brush this off
@allkpop This makes no sense to me!She LIP-SYNCED to a LYRIC THAT IS ALREADY IN THE SONG!What, idols cannot vibe to a song they like just because there are offensive words that the ARTISTS OF THE SONG put in them?! Ridiculous! I agree that racism should be stomped out, but this is so low!
@Howie86221199 @allkpop it’s easy to not lip sync the slur
@allkpop i hope sm company will be strict with giselle because of this problem. There have been many kpop idols involved in this scandal. Let's make it big so that artists can learn more from experience
@allkpop if this case is not resolved soon, it will be difficult for aespa to advance in the US
@allkpop No one should defend this. No one should say it was just lip-syncing or that it was just a song.She knew the lyrics, she knew what she said.

Fans also hoped that the issue could be settled effectively. They also elaborated on their responsibility to educate their favorite idols. They did not want to brush the incident under the rug and instead wanted aespa's Giselle to take responsibility for her actions.

Fans also asked those with access to Bubble, the fan interaction site, to let Giselle know the ramifications of her actions and to educate her. Some even pointed out that Giselle was exposed to western culture as she went to an international school in Japan.

Hence, they argued that the star was aware of how her actions would affect people. Hence, these fans felt it was imperative that she realize her mistake and apologize for the same.

Some aespa fans defended Giselle and claimed that she was just vibing to the song. However, others pointed out that this is a grievous error and cannot be ignored. Many also claimed that SM Entertainment must resolve this issue effectively if they hope to expand aespa's reach to the US.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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