#FINDSARAH: Twitter unites to help Twitch streamer MikeyPerk find his daughter, who has been missing for 36 hours

Twitch streamer MikeyPerk's daughter goes missing for 36 hours
Twitch streamer MikeyPerk's daughter goes missing for 36 hours

Twitch streamer MikeyPerk recently took to Twitter to share that his daughter has been missing since June 25th, 2021. The streamer who celebrated his birthday on June 23rd was set to organize a special birthday stream on June 26th.

However, he canceled the stream only to announce the unfortunate incident. After filing a complaint with the local police, MikeyPerk turned to social media to seek help from users to find his daughter.

MikeyPerk mentioned that his daughter left for a hotel with friends aged 20-21 years and has not returned home for 36 hours. He also informed users that several police departments in Ohio had already started looking for Sarah.

He even stated that Sarah’s phone remained unreachable, and her friends were unaware of her exact whereabouts. With the hope of sending the message to a wider audience, MikeyPerk filmed a YouTube video to share more details about his daughter.

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Twitter comes together to help MikeyPerk find his missing daughter

MikeyPerk’s YouTube video is titled “Help me find my daughter, Sarah.” In the video, the Twitch streamer detailed his daughter’s appearance and identifying traits. He also mentioned that he made the video with the hope that people can help him find Sarah:

“I’m making this video in hopes that it’s being shared and it could lead to my daughter coming home. I am very upset with everything, but ultimately I just want her to be home, and I want her safe.”

According to the video, Sarah was last seen in Franklin, Ohio. MikeyPerk also shared a picture of Sarah in his video along with other necessary details:

“She is 5’2” and 113 pounds. [Sarah has] brown eyes, brown hair, and a small tattoo on her right arm, inside her right arm that says ‘Love you more’ it’s an infinity sign.”

He also said Sarah is likely to be in areas of Franklin, Springboro, Dayton, and Middletown, Ohio. MikeyPerk went on to request people to contact local authorities if anyone spots Sarah around the mentioned areas.

Following his request, several users came together to help MikeyPerk find his daughter. Netizens took to Twitter to spread the message of Sarah’s missing with the hashtag “FINDSARAH.”

The YouTube video is also being shared in large numbers alongside other details to find the missing teenager.

MikeyPerk has repeatedly thanked fans and Twitter users for extending support in their search for his lost daughter. He also shared that as of June 27th, Sarah remains missing while the police continue with their search.

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