Landon McBroom served with a restraining order after Shyla Walker alleges abuse and attempted kidnapping

Landon McBroom served with restraining order after Shyla Walker alleges abuse (Image via YouTube)
Landon McBroom served with restraining order after Shyla Walker alleges abuse (Image via YouTube)

Following allegations of abuse, Shyla Walker has allegedly filed a temporary restraining order against Landon McBroom.

Austin McBroom's younger brother, Landon, and influencer Shyla Walker have reportedly been dating since 2016, briefly splitting up in 2018, then getting back together that same year. The former couple share one child together, as well as a YouTube channel called "This is L&S", which has amassed over 3 million subscribers.

They officially split up in June over allegations of Landon abusing Shyla.

Shyla Walker files restraining order

According to files obtained by TMZ, Shyla Walker has officially filed for a temporary restraining order against the father of her child after he allegedly tried to "kidnap" their daughter.

The documents claim that Shyla called the police on Landon after he had handed their child to an employee and told him or her to run.

To add, Shyla and her friends and family have accused Landon of being abusive towards her in late May. Teresa, a friend of Shyla's, had even included photo evidence.

The judge granted Shyla her request, mandating Landon to stay at least 100 yards away from her and her daughter at all times.

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Fans show sympathy for Shyla and her daughter

Fans took to Twitter to share their sentiments for Shyla and her and Landon's child.

To add, many blamed Landon and his entire family for being as unstable as him. Austin and their mother are notorious for getting into drama with other influencers and family members.

Many even defended Shyla, as people have previously accused her of "clout chasing".

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Although the court date for Shyla Walker and Landon McBroom has not yet been released, fans are certain that the former will be granted full child support given her abuse accusations against Landon.

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