Julien Solomita explains why he deleted Twitter, claims he was “no longer gaining anything” 

Julien Solomita deletes Twitter and explains why the following morning (Image via Instagram)
Julien Solomita deletes Twitter and explains why the following morning (Image via Instagram)
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Julien Solomita took to YouTube on June 25th to post a video from his Twitch stream detailing why he deactivated his Twitter account.

Twitter users were heartbroken after discovering Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita had both deactivated their accounts on Thursday evening. This follows the former's potentially permanent hiatus and the couple's engagement.

Jenna Marbles has been on a social media hiatus since June 24th, 2020 after posting an apology for offensive videos she had made in the early years of her YouTube career. In August, she and Julien Solomita made one last episode for the Jenna Julien podcast, with the entire internet no longer hearing from Jenna Marbles since.

Julien Solomita had to later on plead for his subscribers to stop pestering him about Jenna's whereabouts, as many fans only watched him to see if they could get an update on his partner.


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Julien Solomita strays away from negativity

Julien Solomita relieved fans as he posted a video titled "Why Julien deleted Twitter" explaining the situation, the morning after he deleted Twitter.

He began by stating how he felt half a year ago, claiming to have "reached a point" where he didn't feel like he was "gaining" anything.

"I feel like most of you know why I deleted it. To kinda give the explanation, around 6 months ago, I reached a point where I was like no longer gaining anything from this app."

Julien then continued by informing his fans how happy he felt once he deleted Twitter.

"It's providing me only negative things. It's not serving me and I'm happy that I realized it because it's done heaps for me and has helped me feel a lot better."

The 27-year-old ended the video by giving his final thoughts on the app, iterating he had "no interest" in "other people's thoughts".

"I'm not in the business of desperately trying to get people to listen to every thought that I have or use the social media app to garner attention outside of the stream to be honest. I also have no interest in filling my brain with other people's thoughts or every little thought all day long, everyday. It's incredibly freeing."

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Fans lament over Jenna Marbles' one year hiatus anniversary

Following Julien Solomita's explanation on why he deleted Twitter, fans took to the popular social media app to reminisce one year ago today. That was when Jenna Marbles posted her apology aka her last video.

Fans wished well towards the 33-year-old, claiming they were still upset with her disappearance from the internet.

Some even commented on how "thankful" they were to get to experience laughter from both Jenna and Julien, given that the latter's Twitter deletion has been rumored to only kickstart his plan to be off the grid like Jenna.

Though Julien Solomita has yet to announce a hiatus as well, people are in speculation that his less-frequent posting and Twitter deactivation is just a precursor for his future plans.

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