FINNEAS replies to Corpse Husband on Twitter, fans demand a collab ft. Billie Eilish

Could a Corpse Husband x FINNEAS x Billie Eilish collaboration actually take place? (Image art via Jason/ IdleCorpse/ Twitter)
Could a Corpse Husband x FINNEAS x Billie Eilish collaboration actually take place? (Image art via Jason/ IdleCorpse/ Twitter)

Corpse Husband's interactions with the bigwigs of entertainment continue to send fans into a tizzy. His most recent interaction was with Grammy Award-winning artist and Billie Eilish's brother, Finneas O'Connell.

Corpse Husband recently grabbed headlines when he announced that he would be appearing on Jimmy Fallon's debut Twitch stream alongside fellow Twitch streamers Sykkuno and Valkyrae.

His army of fans had barely come to terms with this exciting development when they were faced with the reality of FINNEAS interacting with their favorite YouTuber.

In response to Corpse Husband's tweet announcing his Jimmy Fallon appearance, FINNEAS responded with an encouraging message:

That wasn't all, as Corpse Husband also replied to the "Till Forever Falls Apart" hitmaker in his own trademark style:

In light of this unexpected Twitter exchange, several fans began to demand a collab between the two, featuring Billie Eilish.

Twitter reacts to Corpse Husband x FINNEAS's interaction


Having interacted with the likes of Halsey, Yungblud and Lil Nas X in the past, Corpse Husband continues to create a stir in the music scene.

As his recent collaboration with Colson "Machine Gun Kelly" on Daywalker officially marks his first entry into the Billboard Hot 100, it seems like the Corpse music era has finally arrived.

Prior to his interaction with FINNEAS, Corpse Husband has often spoken about how much he admires Billie Eilish's music on stream.

The grunge aesthetic-meets-techno punk vibes that their respective musical styles exhibit seem to be a complementary fit for each other. Many fans have even come up with customized edits of what a potential collab between the two might sound like.

Here are some of the reactions online as fans had a collective meltdown over the possibility of a Corpse Husband x FINNEAS x Billie Eilish collab:

From the reactions above, it's quite evident that the prospect of a collaboration between FINNEAS, Corpse Husband and Billie Eilish has led to unbridled excitement among fans.

The popular brother-sister duo comprising FINNEAS and Billie Eilish recently took home the coveted "Record of the Year" award at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards and have produced multiple hits over the course of their respective careers.

As unlikely as it may seem, fans of Corpse Husband continue to remain undeterred in their quest to manifest a dream crossover between the trio.

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