"Forever Hair": Internet reacts as Gorilla Glue Girl launches her own line of hair care products 

Gorilla Glue Girl goes viral again (Image via
Gorilla Glue Girl goes viral again (Image via

Tessica Brown, aka the Gorilla Glue Girl, is no stranger to hair products. Since going viral earlier this year, she's now gone from an internet personality to an entrepreneur. It's been a long journey, but the saying, "bad things happen for a reason," holds here.

Those who have never heard of Gorilla Glue Girl may be asking, "What exactly happened?" Well, it's quite the story that begins with a sticky situation and ends with $20,000 going towards charity.

It all began when Brown wanted to style her hair. However, she ran out of hair glue. So, to compensate, she decided to use Gorilla Glue. The only problem was that the glue was not a hair product but rather an industrial-grade adhesive. This is where things went wrong.

The glue stuck to her hair for a month and was eventually removed after Dr. Michael Obeng pitched in and did the surgery for free. Although glue had damaged her hair, Brown was finally free of her torment and could resume a normal life.

Despite rumors of her wanting to sue the company for failing to put proper warning labels and accusations of misusing the money, in the end, all of them turned out to be false. And Gorilla Glue Girl slowly faded into the annals of social media.

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Gorilla Glue Girl x Forever Hair

Fast forward a few months following the hairy ordeal, and it would seem as if Brown has taken her experience with Gorilla Glue and has transformed it into a solution for others.

On June 16th, 2021, Brown launched her own brand of hair care products known as Forever Hair. Despite the name being quite ironic, according to Brown, the products were created for individuals suffering from hair loss and damage.

During an interview with TMZ, Brown told them that she worked with haircare professionals to create a formula that does wonders for the hair. At the moment, there are three different products on sale from the brand.

It's amazing to see something come full circle. However, netizens were left divided about how to feel regarding Gorilla Glue Girl launching her own product line after the fiasco. Here are some of those reactions:

While some individuals are not quite sure that using Gorilla Glue Girl's hair care products is the best idea, others still say that she did it for fame. Nonetheless, things turned out okay, and that's what matters in the end.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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