Former AOA member Kwon Mina reactivates Instagram account, threatens legal action

Kwon Mina has returned to Instagram to make a statement (Image via FNC Entertainment)
Kwon Mina has returned to Instagram to make a statement (Image via FNC Entertainment)

In another update to the Kwon Mina story, the former AOA member reactivated her Instagram to post a lengthy statement on her current situation.

The incidents revolving around Kwon Mina have been ongoing for quite a while now, with the latest update published on July 31, when her ex-boyfriend posted a statement revolving around their relationship. A summary of the events that took place can be found here.

After her latest post, fans are showing mixed reactions, but the majority is clear, and they're requesting the singer to take a break from social media.

Kwon Mina posts lengthy statement after reactivating Instagram account

The artist's account was deactivated shortly after news of her suicide attempt on July 29 broke out. However, it was reactivated today, on August 4, for Kwon Mina to make another statement.

Along with the statement, written in the caption, she posted a series of screenshots from an anonymous user, who alleged that they would also testify that AOA's Jimin had bullied them (in reference to the AOA Jimin bullying scandal).

She briefly detailed the mental stress she was going through and explained that she would be taking legal action against all those attempting to drag her name through the mud and pin false claims on her.

The 27-year-old apologized for making several statements and blowing up so often, stating that if anyone were in her shoes for a single day, they wouldn't have the ability to even apologize for the same.

After the post was made, choruses of fans began to echo the exact words. Most were concerned for her mental health and prayed that Mina would leave social media for good and focus on recovery.

Previously, Kown Mina had attempted to leave social media in August 2020, stating that she wanted to focus on her recovery and treatment, and deactivated her Instagram account. She, however, returned soon after, on September 30th.

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