Former Day6 member Jae Park apologizes to Jamie, but not before receiving backlash from netizens

The duo were label mates under JYP Entertainment. (Image via Instagram/@eajoark and @jiminxjamie)
The duo were label mates under JYP Entertainment. (Image via Instagram/@eajoark and @jiminxjamie)
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Former Day6 member Jae Park apologized for his inappropriate comments about Jamie aka Jimin Park, but not before receiving immense backlash from Jamie and the Internet.

While both Jae and Jamie have been friends for a long time, the former Da6 member’s recent comments on livestream appear to have understandably put a wedge between the two.

Day6's Jae Park made uncomfortable comments about long-time friend Jamie

In one of his recent live streams, Jae Park called his long-time friend and former JYP label mare Jamie a “thot”, which is a derogatory word used to shame women.

Former Day6 Member Jae calls Jamie a thot on his livestream.

In the short clip, which soon flooded social media sites, Jae can be seen smiling and joking, before saying,

"Okay, now that I'm not in K-Pop anymore, I could say this: Why Jamie tryin' to be a thot?"

The former idol then justified his statement by saying

"That's right! I said it. Tell her. I said it! Tell her!"

The immediate reaction from most K-pop fans online was one of shock and dismay, with many calling Jae Park’s statements insensitive and offensive, regardless of his friendship with Jamie.

the fact that he said “now that im not in kpop anymore, i can say this” makes it worse bc he knew what he was talking abt. he knows it was something that shouldnt be said and with that he should apologize not only to jamie, but also to his community that are mostly women.
@onlyparkian This shows the fact that all these idols could be anyone under the mask of their personas. They can think of the most scandalous ish but not express it for the fear of the contract they are tied to. That's what 'now that I'm not in kpop' translates to imo.

Some however jumped to the rapper’s defense, sharing an extended version of the video, where Jae Park states that he was confused between the terms 'thot' and 'baddie'. Park also claimed that he and Jamie joke around with each other all the time.

[MORE CONTEXT] Former Day6 member Jae misworded himself on his livestream and thought baddie and thot are the same word.Jae adds says Jamie makes the same remarks to him.

Jamie’s response to the Jae’s comments, have confirmed that the comments were not appreciated. The former 15& member expressed her sadness and shock after hearing Park’s comments in a series of now deleted tweets.

Just remember how much I cared about you even before you were in your last company and how many times [I asked] if you were alright. I prayed for you. Your questions were like mine. It's really sad."

Soon after, she tweeted, "I'm just deleting it. I'm okay."

I hate that we as women have to be subjected to mens humor to appease incels on the internet period

Jamie has had a long history of being inappropriately sexualised, and for a friend to call her these derogatory terms has left the idol deeply upset. Jae had even made appearances on Jamie's YouTube channel, Our Girl Jamie.

it's so fucking sad that jamie had to delete her tweets. SHE HAD THE RIGHT TO SPEAK ABOUT IT and feel whatever she's feeling but just for the sake of a "friendship" that jae seems to take for granted and for the sake to cool down the situation she deleted them and brushed it off
im so fucking mad jae is a misogynistic man who does not deserve any platform. idgaf if they are close friends. friends do not do that much more announce it in a public platform and laugh his ass out bc he thinks he’s funny. jamie is CLEARLY offended and hurt
it’s so upsetting because jamie shared how much she started getting sexualised the minute she started to be more open about her self, body and sexuality. it’s sick that jae would even say that as someone who used to be friends with her

Jae Park issues an apology

An hour after Jamie’s last tweet, Jae Park tweeted out a public apology after receiving severe backlash. Jae claimed that he thought his comments were only “friendly banter” and he did not mean to “take a slight at” Jamie, or offend her. Moreover, Park stated that he got confused between “thot” and “baddie”, and assumed both meant the same.

While Jamie has not yet responded to Jae Park’s apology, the internet is not too accepting of it. For many, it seemed the backlash was the reason behind the apology, and not actual regret. Jae Park’s behavior too, has been brought into question since this is not the first time he has made these contentious remarks.

i'm sorry but i lost count how many apology letter you have posted. this shouldn't be left with an apology letter but you should also learn to reflect your actions. you should get your sht together. just do some reflections jae. this is sad, as your fan.
@eaJPark words cant truly describe how disappointed i am with your recent actions. day by day, it seems like i don't know you as a person anymore. idk if who you were before is the real you or a fabricated one but i have to admit, that the person you are now, isn't who i supported before
@mamawonpil @eaJPark @jiminpark07 i mean, if he’s a mature person he should know not to be blatantly misogynistic? especially to one of your friends. if he actually thought it meant baddie he wouldn’t have had to wait to get out of the industry to say it. he’s almost 30 and fluent in English, there are no excuses

Meanwhile, Jamie, whose real name is Park Ji-Min, was previously a part of the vocal duo 15&. The 24-year-old was working under JYP Entertainment until April 2020, after which Jamie joined Warner Music Korea.The former Day6 member Jae Park left JYP Entertainment only a few days ago with a shocking announcement which also proclaimed the rapper’s departure from Day6.

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