'Friends': 5 best Ross-Rachel moments from the show

Ross and Rachel in 'Friends' (Image via NBC)
Ross and Rachel in 'Friends' (Image via NBC)

Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Rachel Green (Jennifer Anniston) from Friends were one of the most intriguing couples on television. It was not a smooth-sailing all-accomplishing couple like Monica and Chandler, nor was it one that could be over for good.

In the very dragged yet interesting saga that formed the basis of Friends, Ross and Rachel made up for some of the best scenes in the show. Here's a look back at five moments from Friends that were defined by Ross and Rachel's relationship.

Top 5 Ross-Rachel moments that defined 'Friends'

5) Ross's wedding with Emily (Season 4 episode 24)

Ross and Emily's wedding (Image via Friends)
Ross and Emily's wedding (Image via Friends)

Ross's wedding with Emily came with a big twist. Rachel, who still had feelings for Ross, decided to fly to the wedding. However, her entrance was greeted by Ross saying the wrong name at the wedding alter; her name.

This scene was not one leading to anything great between Ross and Rachel in Friends, but it was evident from here that deep down, Ross and Rachel were always 'the one' for each other.

4) Ross misses being on TV for Rachel (Season 3 episode 21)

Ross helping Rachel get ready (Image via Friends)
Ross helping Rachel get ready (Image via Friends)

In one of Ross's most heart-warming scenes, he misses a big opportunity to be on TV doing something he is passionate about to stay with an injured Rachel. He helps her get ready for a big dinner after she is injured by a skating Monica and even takes her to the hospital.

In the process, he misses his interview, and when Rachel comes to know of it, she calls it the "sweetest thing ever".

3) Ross and Rachel's argument with the 18-page letter (Season 4 episode 1)

No doubt Season 4 was one of the best seasons of the show. While there were some very cute scenes of Ross and Rachel, their fighting scenes were legendary, and this one in particular was hilarious.

The episode featured some of the most memorable funny scenes and a totally savage exchange between Ross and Rachel, including an 18-page letter from Rachel, which was quite frankly one of the funniest things on the show.

2) Ross and Rachel's Las Vegas wedding (Season 5 episode 23, 24)

Ross and Rachel in Las Vegas ()Image via Friends)
Ross and Rachel in Las Vegas ()Image via Friends)

The funniest one on the list (not Ross's list, of course) is Rachel and Ross's Las Vegas wedding. In an all-round funny episode, Ross decided to play a prank on the plane by drawing a mustache on Rachel's sleeping face, and chaos ensued from there on.

It ended with them being drunk enough to get to church and get married. Along with being a great Ross-Rachel episode, it was also one of the best episodes of Friends.

1) Ross's prom video (Season 2 episode 14)

Perhaps the greatest Ross and Rachel moment in the show was when they finally started dating. Ross and Rachel had admitted to their feelings of love for each other before, but they did not date (owing to a certain list).

In one of the sweetest scenes of Friends, Rachel sees for the first time how long and hard Ross had loved her and for so long. This marked the beginning of their relationship.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the writer's views.

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite Ross and Rachel scene from Friends.

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