'Friends': 5 times Rachel Green was not a good friend

Monica and Rachel in Friends (Image via IMDb)
Monica and Rachel in Friends (Image via IMDb)

Rachel Green, one of the most beloved and idolized Friends characters, also takes the cake for being one of the worst friends. Her hairstyles and fashion sense became a sensation among girls all around.

However, fans of the show have also recognized her petulant nature and poor treatment of those around her.

There were plenty of instances where Rachel Green from Friends acted as a bad friend. Therefore, it came as no surprise when Will (Brad Pitt) revealed about the "I hate Rachel Green club."

5 instances in 'Friends' when Rachel Green was not a good friend


Here's are five times when Rachel Green was not a good friend.

1) She used to exchange the gifts her friends got for her

In season 4, episode 8 of Friends titled The One With Chandler in a Box, the group is surprised to learn that Rachel used to exchange their gifts for something she liked.

Earlier in season 2, Ross can be seen telling Rachel that she could exchange the earrings he got for her, suggesting he knew about her habit. No one likes a friend who doesn't appreciate your gifts and Rachel was tactless in that sense.

2) She started hiding from Phoebe because she was embarrassed of her run


Good friends accept you and love you for who you are. However, Rachel decided to hide from Phoebe when they went on a morning run together because she was embarrassed by the latter's running technique.

Phoebe was always unabashedly herself and Rachel acted as a terrible friend by looking down on her.

3) She refused to move out of Monica's apartment

Still from Friends (Image via Youtube)
Still from Friends (Image via Youtube)

Rachel was a terrible housemate. She didn't cook, clean, or take out the trash when it was her turn. Moreover, she acted like an entitled person and refused to move out when Monica and Chandler told her they wanted to live together. A good friend would prioritize their friend's happiness but Rachel failed to do that.

4) She threw a tantrum before Ross' important event

Rachel was the most impudent character in Friends. Born with a silver spoon, she continued to carry an air of entitlement even after being cut out of her parents' fortune.

One of the instances of her acting like a spoilt person was when Ross had an important work event and the group was already getting late. Rachel took her sweet time getting dressed, continuously changing outfits.

Finally, she threw a tantrum and refused to go when Ross got annoyed. Not only did she act like a bad friend, she was also a bad girlfriend to Ross.

5) She stole Monica's thunder

Still from Friends (Image via Youtube)
Still from Friends (Image via Youtube)

Rachel Green was a self-centered character in many ways. On Monica's engagement night, she became envious of her perfect romantic life and revealed that she was going to be with Ross.

Thus, the attention shifted from Monica to her and caused a temporary rift between the two girls. Friends are not supposed to get jealous of each other's achievements and big life events. Yet Rachel acted immaturely to seek attention.

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