'Friends': 5 lesser-known facts about Joey Tribbiani 

Joey Tribbiani in Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)
Joey Tribbiani in Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)

One cannot help but love Joey Tribbiani, the goofy and adorable dim-witted character from Friends. Though often described as a shallow womanizer, Joey's passion in life was very consistent. He wanted to become a famous actor.

Joey also has some very good qualities. His optimism, fierce loyalty, and gentle nature set him apart from all the characters on Friends.

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

5 lesser-known facts about Joey Tribbiani

Here are 5 lesser-known facts about Joey, that even die-hard fans of the character may have missed.

1) Joey moves to Los Angeles

non so se sapete dell'esistenza di "JOEY" spin off di FRIENDS, in cui joey si trasferisce a los angeles per fare carriera; mi fa male il cuore a sapere che non sia andato a vivere con chandler e monica, ecco perchè credo non lo vedró mai💔 #Tiziaparty

Friends ended with the gang separating and going their own ways with the promise of keeping in touch. Monica and Chandler were married with babies, Ross and Rachel were back together, and Phoebe was happily married to Mike. It seemed like only Joey was left without a happy ending, when in fact he moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

2) Joey was supposed to be a different character

When Matt LeBlanc first auditioned for the role of Joey Tribbiani, he did not like the character. In fact, he disliked the script they had given him so much that he decided to put his own spin on it. LeBlanc suggested making Joey somewhat of a dimwit to garner more laughs. At first the creators did not appreciate the changes, but NBC loved it and finalized the character the way LeBlanc imagined it.

3) Stephen King fan

For writers, and certainly for me, this photo of @StephenKing working at home is just as cool as a photo of Steve McQueen.

In season 3, fans discovered that Joey's favorite book was The Shining by Stephen King when Joey and Rachel have a disagreement about which book is better, The Shining by Stephen King or Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Rachel's favorite book was Little Women. In season 8, episode 12, fans also learned Joey was a fan of the movie Cujo, which is based off the book by Stephen King. Joey was a big fan of the author.

4) Imaginary friend

Joey Tribbiani had an imaginary friend in his childhood that fans got to learn about in season 4. During Chandler and Joey's bet against Monica and Rachel in season 4, the girls correctly answered questions about Joey's imaginary friend in the lightning round. Joey's childhood pretend-friend was named Maurice, and Maurice was a professional space cowboy.

5) Middle name

Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr. was Joey's full name. While he often goes simply by Joey, his middle name was Francis and it was used a few times throughout the series.

Joey Tribbiani remains the most adorable character on Friends in many fans' opinions.

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