'Friends': 5 lesser-known facts about Monica Geller

Monica Geller from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)
Monica Geller from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)

Monica Geller is the mother-hen of the group. Her love for cleaning and organizing always garnered laughs and kept the audience entertained. We can't help but love her pettiness and competitive spirit which gives strength to her character.

Moreover, Monica was also very fashionable. Sporting a different look for every season, she was as well-dressed as the fashionista of the group, Rachel. Here are some lesser-known facts about Monica Geller from Friends.

5 lesser-known facts about Monica Geller

1) First kiss

#Monica: You were my Midnight Mystery Kisser?#Ross: Yu were my first kiss with Rachel?M: U were my first kiss ever?

As a teenager, Monica was always on the heavier side, due to which she was ridiculed throughout the show. She didn't have much in terms of a social life when she was young. As a result, the night she had her first kiss became very special to her. Until she found out her 'midnight mystery man' was actually a nightmare.

In season 10, Chandler tells Ross that he kissed Rachel at a college party in 1987. Not amused in the slightest, Ross gets upset because he also kissed her on the same night.

However, when the story was retold, Monica and Ross realized that they kissed each other that night. The former, who until that day had a fond memory of her first anonymous kiss, is horrified that she shared it with her brother.

2) Wedding fund

Q6: On Friends, what do Monica’s parents spend her wedding fund on?

Monica had envisioned and planned the wedding of her dreams for a very long time. She had organized everything regarding and even put aside money for it. However, when she asked her parents for the fund they had set aside for her marriage, she learnt that it was already used to buy a beach house, as Jack and Judy thought Monica would never get married.

3) Monica and Joey

#Monica: Okay, try it.#Joey: (tries to pull back) It isn't working.Monica: Alright, we're gonna have to unscrew the chain.Joey: Hurry, I can't feel my ears!#Chandler: Can you ever feel your ears?Joey: Interesting... #TheOneWithTheLateThanksgiving #Thanksgiving

Monica and Chandler are the perfect couple and it is very difficult to imagine either of them ending up with someone else. However, such was the plan initially. Monica’s love interest in Friends was supposed to be Joey.

However, it was later changed to Chandler given the chemistry between the two. Remember Monica seeking out Joey the night she spent with Chandler? That would have been a reality.

4) Monica's hair

Safe to say that only Monica Geller can pull off any style and can be so hot as a bf or gf, either way you like it. ❀️‍πŸ”₯

Monica Geller's hair kept changing throughout the show. She went from sporting mid-length hair to a bob cut and a variety of other styles. In season 4, Monica cut her hair short because Courteney Cox had streaks in them from her role in Scream 2.

The streaks did not go well with Monica's character. Hence the showrunners decided to give her short hair for the season.

5) Monica's apartment

I really love the styling of Monica's apartment in friends... so cozy, nostalgic, homey

Monica's iconic apartment, where most of the show took place, was shifted to a higher floor. In season one, her apartment number was 5. However, later on, it was changed to number 20 to show that she had moved to a higher floor.

Joey and Chandler's apartment number also changed from 4 to 19 to keep up with the change.

Suffice to say, Monica's character continues to charm us to this day.

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