'Friends': Should Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani have dated?

Rachel and Joey (Image via Friends)
Rachel and Joey (Image via Friends)

Friends had several love interests and beautiful relationships. While Monica-Chandler took the trophy for that, if there was one couple who almost made it, it was Rachel and Joey.

While Rachel may have had several relationships and even a baby with Ross, Joey was the best she ever had. The two did not date for long because friendship came first, but it was perfect for whatever duration they were together.

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'Friends': Reasons why Rachel should have ended up with Joey


When Joey and Rachel started living together, he was a completely new man, the type who would baby-proof the house and care for not just Rachel but for her baby as well. They, as a couple, may be an unpopular opinion in the world of Friends, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

Listed below are the reasons why Rachel should have ended up with Joey.

1) Their relationship was built on friendship

A love based on friendship is always strong and that's what happened with Rachel and Joey. It took Joey almost 7 years to realize that he had feelings for Rachel, but unlike her other love interests, Joey took the time to get to know her and was always supportive of her endeavors.

When Rachel had Emma, Joey let her move in with him and looked after them. He loved Rachel even before he knew there could be a place for a relationship.

2) Joey was a supportive boyfriend

If there's one thing Joey has done from the beginning is believe in Rachel. When she is tired of working at Central Perk, he encourages her to quit and chase her dreams even though he himself was struggling as an actor.

He also got her an interview at Fortunata Fashions, which became her first job in the fashion industry. The support continued throughout the series and eventually led Rachel to lean on Joey when she was pregnant.

3) Rachel could be herself around Joey


While Rachel was not too happy about moving in with Joey, she had the best time with him. The two would watch movies, fling spaghetti and whatnot, which made Rachel genuinely happy and allowed her to be silly, unlike her miserable living situation with Ross.

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