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From bullying a cancer patient to abusing her cat: How PlaymateTessi became the internet's most disliked streamer

Moments before PlaymateTessi threw her cat on a live stream (Image via IP2Cx Historian2 - YouTube)
Moments before PlaymateTessi threw her cat on a live stream (Image via IP2Cx Historian2 - YouTube)
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Mya "PlaymateTessi" West is an extremely controversial content creator who is infamously known for her disgusting remarks towards cancer patients as well as animal abuse.

PlaymateTessi's controversy blew up in January when her video went viral on social media. The video depicted Tessi making fun of a patient suffering from cancer.

Apart from making fun of the patient's appearance, she also went on to say that "cancer is funny." Obviously enough, this resulted in PlaymateTessi receiving a ton of backlash from the community.

The entire scenario escalated to such heights that Tessi's father went on a YouTube live session, where he ended up disowning his own daughter for her statements. However, PlaymateTessi wasn't done with her heinous acts on the internet.

In her future videos, she was seen making fun of patients who suffer from autism. Additionally, the content creator was also caught throwing her cat during a live stream. After acts like this, it is needless to say that PlaymateTessi is widely disliked and disregarded by the entire community.

PlaymateTessi's downfall as a content creator

Apart from the fact that she was receiving no support from her father, PlaymateTessi has also been restricted on various platforms. From getting her tweets deleted, to having her YouTube videos demonetized, the content creator has fallen to the absolute depths, and it was something she brought upon herself.


Needless to say, any form of ailments, be it physical or mental, is an extremely serious issue. All communities, as well as the people who are nurturing these communities, need to step up against people who make statements like:

"Cancer is a fake disease"


"Poverty is a CHOICE"

Having said that, PlaymateTessi is still carrying on making hurtful statements on social media. Apart from the fact that she is extremely rude and unempathetic towards humans, PlaymateTessi has also been known for instances of animal abuse on her live streams.

During one such scenario, Tessi threw her cat away from her lap. Although she went on to say that she didn't mean to do it, she showed little to no concern about the cat who fell down with a dull thud.

Having said that, it is safe to say that the troubles that PlaymateTessi is facing, and might face in the future, are nothing but the repurcussions of her horrifying actions.

Published 31 Mar 2021, 20:56 IST
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