“Genevieve it’s not u it’s him”: Fans support Genevieve Parisi’s decision to quit The Bachelor

Genevieve Parisi quits The Bachelor Season 26 (Image via genparisi/Instagram)
Genevieve Parisi quits The Bachelor Season 26 (Image via genparisi/Instagram)
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The seventh episode of The Bachelor Season 26 was one of the most dramatic episodes of the season, as earlier promised. Viewers were shocked when Genevieve Parisi decided to quit the show.

During Episode 7’s group date, Clayton Echard took the ladies for a couple’s therapy. Although the suitresses were nervous about the session, they wanted to be an open book to Echard. However, Parisi found it extremely difficult to bear it all.

When she went for the couple’s therapy with Echard, she admitted that she had put up walls around her. As she struggled to open up, the show’s lead requested to have a private chat. During the conversation, Parisi confessed that she’s not ready to talk about her feelings and reveal her deep emotions yet. Thus, the suitress decided to walk out of the dating series.

Fans react to Genevieve Parisi’s decision

Although fans were shocked by Parisi’s decision, they supported her on social media. They applauded the fact that she took a stand for herself and didn’t let the producers or Echard decide whether she needed therapy.

Here’s what fans have to say:

Genevieve it’s not u it’s him!!!!!! Don’t be sad it’s his loss #thebachelor
Come on, Genevieve! It’s not on you for not being willing to bare your soul on national television after dating a dude for two weeks while he’s simultaneously dating 30 other women. It’s an unrealistic environment. That’s why most of the relationships don’t last. #TheBachelor
Geneviève, girl, it was him not you #TheBachelor
I applaud Genevieve, their is nothing wrong with having your walls up and being a private person when it comes to your personal life. #TheBachelor
not only was Genevieve forced into that situation but when she voiced she was uncomfortable she gets sent home??? Going to therapy is a PERSONAL CHOICE not something she should be forced to do on NATIONAL TV #TheBachelor
Clayton didn’t deserve Genevieve. He didn’t bother to give her any validation or a one on one. I wouldn’t open up to a man who hasn’t given me any solo date either. #TheBachelor
Genevieve decided she is not going through a therapy session on national TV for this man and I respect the heck out of that. #TheBachelor #thebachelorabc
Clayton: “I think we ran out of time.”No, Clayton had more than enough time to get to know Genevieve and then she would’ve opened up. Clayton was the one that didn’t give her his time. It isn’t fair to Genevieve to say that it’s just because her “walls are up.” #TheBachelor
Furthermore, a contestant was punished for not participating the in the therapy process (i.e sent home).Genevieve should seriously consider legal action for the amount of harm the producers put her in. This is an egregious form of abusing power. #thebachelor @BachelorABC

Parisi was rumored to be in The Bachelor finale

Previously, many speculations were made that stated Parisi to be in the finals of The Bachelor Season 26. She was one of the fans’ favorite contestants on the show, and Echard liked her as well.

In last week’s episode, the handsome hunk chose Parisi over Shanae Ankney during the 2-on-1 round. However, the journey towards becoming the chosen one was pretty tough for Parisi as her loyalty was questioned by Echard. He asked her if she was putting up a show for the cameras.

Although Echard later gave her the rose, she felt low from the beginning of the latest episode. She was also hoping to get a one-on-one date with Echard, but the opportunity went to Susie Evans and Serene Russell.

After she left, he informed the remaining ladies, who were left shocked. Prior to Parisi’s exit, a rose ceremony was held that eliminated two suitresses, Mara Agrait and Eliza Isichei.

In the upcoming episode, Echard will visit the four finalists’ hometowns and meet their families and friends. ABC airs new episodes of The Bachelor every Monday at 8.00 pm Eastern Time (ET).

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