Gorilla Glue girl gets ridiculed for planning to take legal action; company issues official apology

Tessica Brown's ordeal isn't ending anytime soon (Image via Twitter)
Tessica Brown's ordeal isn't ending anytime soon (Image via Twitter)

According to the latest reports, Tessica Brown, rechristened The Gorilla Glue girl ever since being caught in a "sticky" situation, might be contemplating taking legal action against the polyurethane adhesive company.

The Gorilla Glue girl went viral across social media ever since posting a TikTok that highlighted her predicament.

Speaking of her nightmarish encounter with a bottle of Gorilla Glue industrial adhesive, she warned viewers about the perils of spraying such a substance on their hair.

Despite multiple attempts to wash the substance off her hair, the situation only escalated with Tessica Brown having to visit the ER:

Her unfortunate ordeal led to an outpouring of global support, as concerned netizens watched on in eager anticipation.

Recently, Gorilla Glue themselves took to Twitter to issue an official apology, where they issued an advisory and wished Tessica Brown the best in her recovery:

Calling it a "unique" situation, Gorilla Glue clearly stated that the product is not meant for use on hair, as the damage could be permanent.

Interestingly, the warning label does not make a mention of hair:

"This is a unique situation because this product is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent. Our spray adhesive states in the warning label, 'do not swallow. Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing..."

The lack of accountability was pointed out by concerned fans of Tessica Brown, who, according to latest reports, is now contemplating taking legal action against the company.

Twitter reacts as Gorilla Glue girl contemplates taking legal action


In the latest video posted to her YouTube channel, fans can see Tessica Brown in visible discomfort as she receives treatment for her scalp.

With each attempt, she winces in pain, as the severity of the situation is further highlighted. From rubbing alcohol to applying acetone, nothing seems to be working on her scalp.

It appears that after multiple failed attempts to remove the Gorilla Glue, Tessica is now planning to take the legal route, as reported by TMZ.

She has reportedly hired an attorney and is weighing litigation against the company in light of the deceptive warning label, which makes no mention of hair.

This latest development left the internet divided as Twitter users soon began to debate individual callousness vis a vis brand accountability, which led to a riveting debate online, replete with a dash of humor:

From the reactions above, it is evident that her decision to sue feels a tad overboard in the eyes of the general public.

With skepticism running wild online, it remains to be seen if the Gorilla Glue girl does indeed end up taking the legal route. If so, what could the ramifications of this move possibly end up looking like?

Edited by Ravi Iyer