Got7's Jinyoung added to the cast of "Yumi's Cells," co-starring with SHINee's Minho and more

Got7's Jinyoung to star in "Yumi's Cells, and upcoming K-Drama (Image via JYP Entertainment)
Vibha Hegde

Park Jinyoung of Got7 was recently announced to be joining the cast of the upcoming K-Drama series "Yumi's Cells," and fans could not be more excited.

Jinyoung began his acting career much before his debut as a member of Got7. In 2011, he starred in "Dream High 2." The year after that, he debuted alongside Got7 member Jay B as a duo project group named "JJ Project." In 2014, he finally made his official debut in a K-pop group as a vocalist for Got7.

The singer will be co-starring alongside other prominent actors such as SHINee's Choi Minho, Kim Go Eun (most prominently known for her role in "Goblin"), and Ahn Bo Hyun (of "Itaewon Class" fame).

Fans react to Park Jinyoung bagging a role for "Yumi's Cells"

Jinyoung will be playing the role of Yoo Bobby, an office worker at the same company as the main character, Yumi.

The show (based on a Webtoon of the same name) tells the tale of Kim Yumi, who has shut down emotionally regarding romantic relationships after a failed one left her in a coma due to the shock. The story centers around her "brain cells," which control her thoughts and actions; as her "love-cell" is out of commission after her horrid breakup, the rest of the cells attempt to wake it from its coma.

The show is under tvN, which's known for its hit shows like "Hospital Playlist," "Reply 1988," "Prison Playbook," and "It's Okay to Not Be Okay."

After the news was confirmed, fans of Got7 and Park Jinyoung himself swarmed online circles to express their excitement for him.

Jinyoung's character name "Babi" or "Bobby" (written either way) trended in Malaysia, with fans joking around as "Babi" is the Malaysian word for "pig."

"The Devil Judge," another drama that Jinyoung has featured in, is currently airing. He will also be starring in "High Five," a movie directed by Kang Hyung Chul. He is also contracted to film for the second season of "Yumi's Cells."

Fans hope the busy idol receives a healthy amount of rest in between his schedules.

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