Psy teases P NATION's new artist, Twitter wonders if it's Jay B from GOT7

Psy in the teaser for P NATION's new artist (via Twitter)
Psy in the teaser for P NATION's new artist (via Twitter)

GOT7 fans were jubilant to find out about K-pop sensation Psy's record label P NATION's recent announcement of a new addition to its roster. The news triggered a wave of speculation among fans of the K-pop group who believe the new artist could be group leader Jay B.

P NATION only released a teaser image featuring Psy, dressed as a hotel lobby receptionist, presumably waiting to welcome the new artist.

While no details have been released, the artist's name will most likely be revealed in the next few days. When P NATION teased a new artist in December 2020, the agency revealed it to be D.Ark the following day.

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Is GOT7's Jay B the new artist signed by P NATION?

While the new artist could be anyone, K-pop fans speculate that it might be a familiar face. AhGaSes was left heartbroken earlier this year when it was announced that all members of GOT7 were parting ways with JYP Entertainment after seven years.

Following the band's departure from JYP Entertainment, several GOT7 members signed with other agencies - BamBam with Abyss Company, Yugyeon with AOMG, Jinyoung with BigHit Entertainment, and Youngjae and Jackson Wang with Sublime Artist Agency.

The remaining GOT7 members Tuan and Jay B, have yet to sign with any agency. This is the main reason why so many K-pop fans on Twitter are wondering if GOT7 leader Jay B could have signed with P NATION. However, only an official confirmation can clarify the doubts.

However, other fans are not convinced, with some even wondering if Psy himself could be the new artist.

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What is Psy up to?

As fans await the mainstream comeback of Psy, the K-pop legend, known for his global hit "Gangnam Style," is gearing up to appear on KBS2's Immortal Song as a "legend," according to Allkpop.

The show revisits classic Korean hits and invites contemporary musicians to remake the hits. As the "legend," Psy's songs will take center stage among contestants.

Psy was signed to YG Entertainment, one of Kpop's 'Big 3' agencies. However, he left the agency in 2018 and founded P NATION, which boasts artists like Jessi, HyunA, DAWN, Heize, Crush, and D.Ark and Psy himself.

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