5 upcoming K-dramas to watch out for in July 2021: Release date, airtime, and more

Left: Kingdom; Right: The Devil Judge
Left: Kingdom; Right: The Devil Judge

The start of a new month is approaching, signaling a new influx of K-Dramas to binge-watch soon. This month, K-Drama enthusiasts were able to see the return of Netflix's "Hospital Playlist", SBS TV's "The Penthouse", and several new series such as "Monthly Magazine Home", "Law School", and "Nevertheless".

July 2021 will bring both fan-favorite series as well as brand new shows that are sure to have the audience glued to their screen. Familiar faces such as Cha Tae Hyun, Krystal of f(x), and Park Jin Young of GOT7 will be returning this month to showcase their charms in the upcoming set of shows.

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5 highly anticipated K-dramas releasing in July 2021

1. Kingdom: Ashin of the North

An original series by Netflix, "Kingdom" is a historical-horror K-Drama starring Ju Jihoon as the Crown Prince. He is looking to solve the mystery of what happened to his ill-trodden father, the King.

The series' success in 2019 led to it gaining an additional season in 2020. A special episode was announced after the release of Season 2, following the tale of "Ashin", a mysterious character teased at the end of the season.

Release Date: July 22, 8:30 PM

Airtime: Friday, 8:30 PM

Starring: Jun Ji Hyun, Park Byung Eun

Stream on: Netflix

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2. The Devil Judge

"The Devil Judge" is a brand new K-Drama series set in a dystopian South Korea. In the show, life has been turned upside down with the failure of society. The people of the country are unrestful and itching to rage against the oppressive leaders of the country.

One man seeks to change the fate of the country - a Head Trial Judge who turns his courtroom into a reality TV show, humiliating and punishing those who dare lead their lives in the darkness.

Release Date: July 3, 5:30 PM

Airtime: Saturday and Sunday, 5:30PM

Starring: Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Park Jin Young, Park Gyu Young

Stream on: Viki

3. You Are My Spring

Kang Da Jung is a newly employed woman looking to navigate the hardships of life while recovering from childhood trauma. Joo Young Do is a psychiatrist working to help improve the mental stability of others while silently dealing with his own. Their lives are inexplicably intertwined in this K-Drama when they both become involved in a murder case.

Release Date: July 5, 5:30 PM

Airtime: Monday and Tuesday, 5:30 PM

Starring: Seo Hyun-Jin, Kim Dong-Wook, Yoon Park, Nam Gyu-Ri

Stream on: Netflix

4. The Witchโ€™s Diner


The Witch's Diner is a new K-Drama adapted from a novel of the same name. It revolves around a restaurant co-owned by the protagonist Jo Hee Ra and a woman named Jin. The show narrates the tales of people who happen to find the restaurant in their times of need, carrying a secret wish in their hearts.

Release Date: July 16, 5:30 PM

Airtime: Friday, 5:30 PM

Starring: Song Ji Hyo, Nam Ji Hyun, Chae Jong Hyeop

Stream on: Viki

5. Police University

The K-Drama "Police University" tells the story of a partnership between a detective and a former-hacker. They use their skills to solve crimes and help people. They happen to meet at a Police University and their alliance takes off from there.

Release Date: July 26, 6:00 PM

Airtime: Monday and Tuesday, 6:00 PM

Starring: Cha Tae Hyun, Jung Jin Young, Krystal

Stream on: N/A

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Edited by Ashish Yadav