Grammy award-winning artist Kurt Elling wants to collaborate with BTS star Taehyung

Kurt Elling and Taehyung? Yes, please! (Image via kurtelling, bts.bighitofficial)
Kurt Elling and Taehyung? Yes, please! (Image via kurtelling, bts.bighitofficial)
Paige Greene

Famous jazz musician Kurt Elling has said he would love to collaborate with BTS artist Taehyung, aka V, in response to a fan's request. The jazz singer and songwriter has 14 Grammy nominations and two wins.

The works that won him the Grammy are Best Vocal Jazz Album for Dedicated to You (2009) and Secrets Are the Best Stories (2021).

One fan reached out to Kurt Elling and said that she was a huge fan of his and BTS star Taehyung, aka V. She also revealed that her dad was a massive fan of the Grammy winner.

The fan finally explained why she Elling him to collaborate with V. It is known among fans that the latter is a big fan of Kurt.

Fan's request for collaboration with BTS star Taehyung gets a nod from Kurt Elling

[INFO] Kurt Elling has once again responded to a fan's request for a collab with Kim Taehyung. Kurt is an American Jazz singer-songwriter and 2 time Grammy winner. In 2013 he was named International Jazz Artist of the Year in the Jazz FM Awards (UK).
[INFO] Kurt Elling, an American Jazz singer-songwriter with 14 Grammy nominations, 2 wins, Best Vocal Jazz Album (2009) & Secrets Are the Best Stories (2021), has once again responded to a fans request for a collab with Kim Taehyung.👤 Thanks, I hope the same! 💜

This was something that Kurt Elling was aware of as well. The 53-year-old even shared it with his followers on social media. That is why the fan hoped and even prayed for an interaction between Kurt Elling and Taehyung. Or a collaboration.

In response to this request, Kurt Elling said he hoped for an interaction or collaboration too.

Taehyung had expressed his wish to collaborate with Kurt Elling in an interview with Variety. When asked about his dream collaboration, he responded:

"Kurt Elling is someone who has the vibes I really like, someone I'd like to collaborate with."

Kurt Elling had shared a fan's tweet about Taehyung's on his social media handles. He also quote-tweeted and said:

"Waking up to a handsome greeting from V, Kim Taehyung. Collaborations for music and hope for the world are always invited."
Kurt Elling, Grammy winning jazz singer and songwriter, shared once again that he would love to collaborate with Taehyung 😭
Grammy award-winning legendary artists wants to work with our legendary Taehyung is one of best thing ever either its famous Jazz singer Kurt Elling or coloratura soprano Sumi Jo everyone's focus is our TAEHYUNG they loves our Taehyung's artistry dedication for music❤️😌🐯+

Fans have since shared Kurt Elling's response in the hope of seeing the collaboration for real. Some even asked BigHit Entertainment to help make this dream pairing come true.

BTS is currently working towards its offline concert scheduled to take place in October. The in-person show has been scheduled to take place in North America in December. The K-Pop act also released their collaboration song with Coldplay called My Universe.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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