"Great parenting": Lycheemarteenee TikTok racism controversy explained as video goes viral

TikToker exposes woman for racist incident in Seattle (Images via choeshow/Twitter)
TikToker exposes woman for racist incident in Seattle (Images via choeshow/Twitter)

TikToker Lycheemarteenee has gone viral after sharing an incident where she dealt with a racist. The woman took to the video sharing platform to reveal that a Black woman was hurling insults at her endlessly after the TikToker defended an old Asian businessman.

Netizens have since taken to social media to express their disdain over the incident.

@choeshow Great parenting

Lycheemarteenee uploaded a video of the racist altercation to TikTok. A screen recording of the video went on to go viral on Reddit. In the video, Lycheemarteenee, an Asian woman, is at a gas station located on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

The Black woman hurling insults at the TikToker can be seen boasting that being racist is “not against the law.” She added:

“Go eat your dog with some rice.”

The TikToker proceeded to record the woman’s license plate while the racist woman continued to slam her with insults. At one point in the video, the racist can be heard saying:

“Go back to your county, b***h.”

Before driving away from the location, the woman says:

“Go do some nails or some feet or something, b****.”
THIS IS ASIAN HATE: It's unclear when encounter in #Seattle's Capitol Hill happened, but vid was posted recently. Asian Americans continue to be subjected to this behavior. It's just NOT being reported. ANGRY woman pretty much lists every stereotype and insult. #StopAsianHate

Lycheemarteenee explained in a follow-up TikTok video that she decided to confront the racist woman after the latter was being rude to an elderly Asian man at the gas station. The TikToker claimed that the woman threw cash at the attendant’s face after he did not instantly provide her with assistance.

Lycheemarteenee then resorted to confronting the racist woman for her actions, leading to the latter being verbally abusive.

Netizens react to Lycheemarteenee’s interaction with the racist

Internet users were horrified to watch the video. Many felt sorry for the TikToker and expressed that, unfortunately, such interactions are normal in Seattle. Several internet users slammed the racist woman and felt sorry for her alleged children, who appeared in the video as well. A few tweets read:

@choeshow This isn't new. It's been going on for decades in both Seattle and Tacoma.
@choeshow That women was so vile and to act that way in front of her child, disgusting.
@choeshow This absolutely sadness my heart...
@choeshow Oh my gosh this is terrible. I used to work up the street and stopped at this Shell station often. I can’t imagine being rude to that sweet old man.
@choeshow Cringing to watch ..cruel world…sending my virtual hugs and support to the young lady.
@choeshow So there was less than zero justification for the incident. The woman was just angry she had to wait. Charming.
@choeshow I’m sorry that happened to that woman sticking up for the gas station cashier. I would’ve done the same thing. No need for the hate in this world. Life is hard enough. I’m glad that woman is on blast across social media. Karma will find her.
@choeshow That person hurled racial insults was she looks like a typical low moral class citizen. Pretty much the scum and villainy you could think of.

Racist woman throws rocks at journalist

After Lycheemarteenee’s interaction at the gas station went viral on social media, a local journalist managed to get hold of her address. He then appeared at her property and asked her if she would like to explain her side of the story. At one point during their interaction, the woman claimed that she did not regret using racial slurs against the TikToker.

#EXCLUSIVE: INTERNET wins again. Found lady seen hurling RACIST slurs at Asian American woman(lycheemarteenee) in #Seattle over weekend. I gave numerous chances to share her side. But she told me to go eat dog w/rice+threw a rock at me.🙃@NextShark @JackPosobiec #StopAsianHate

The journalist then recorded the woman’s car to indicate that he was attempting to interact with the same racist woman. However, she continued to hurl expletives at the journalist and asked him to leave their residence. She also accused the TikToker of using the N-word against her.

However, the same has not been clarified by either the journalist or TikToker. It is also important to note that a video of the TikToker being racist was not available online at the time of writing.


In the next portion of the video, the woman can be seen chasing the journalist out of her residence. In one section of the video, the woman throws a rock at the journalist and walks away.

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